Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Like Big Dicks

Sex used to be my only workout... Now i damn near pulled a muscle tryna cross my legs:-\ Yes.. Its been THAT long since I've woohoo'd. Idk why... I mean, a part of me is waiting for someone special & the other part just hates being unsatisfied. Honestly, I only care about your mind & your peen-- Nothing else matters. That's fucking ridiculous. I should care about something else.. but no, the penis is still at the TOP of my list. I mean, of course cunnilingus is a MUST but yea.. I like big dicks. I cannot lie. Is that bad? Guys like boobs, ass, hair... all that. Can't I prefer big wangs? *sigh* 

Every single time I try to have meaningless casual sex, I find a reason to decline.. Like, his head was wack or he has a little penis. Or I'm reallllllllly thinking that I can do this "dating" thing. You know, not have sex until I've been involved with a guy for at least 3months (ala Joan from Girlfriends). 

Or maybe I'm just realllly interested in one person & I secretly think that if I can save my rejuvenated vag for him, he will be MINE. Like I'm sacrificing my orgasms for love. I haven't even masturbated in months.. I have NO idea why I am so sexually deactivated. 

It all goes back to the size of his penis I'm sure. If I have sex with him & its anything less than spectacular I will STOP liking him. Happens all the time. Even recently. We were conversing every single day & were like on this same level & all that but the sex wasn't good enough. I mean he loooved what I did but I wasn't 100% satisfied with him. *sigh* Now he texts me about cunnilingus, & 69 24/7 and I'm just like.... I don't think I like you anymore. 

One day I will not think about the physical so much. This is just as bad as only liking CUTE guys.. or guys with $$$$ or guys with dreads.. or guys with hard ripped muscular bodies.. or guys who play guitar.. or guys who rap. I'm so vain =/

Fuck it. I know what I like. I haven't had sex in about six months or so... (I really can't remember when I last woohoo'd.. vaguely remember who it was..) Haven't received head in well over 9months. Haven't received GREAT head in........ over a year? =/ All bad man. FML.. or shall i say FMV?


Siscy said...

hahaha that was so funny

Anonymous said...

I have a small dick and I love that you posted this