Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things Guys Do That Annoys Me

New rule: I will no longer communicate with guys who still have a text signature. Obviously you're not mature enough to have an adult relationship. I don't need to see <:)its me :(> at the end of every text message. Its annoying. Grow up. I don't see why any adult needs a signature at the end of a text message... I know who you are. Your number is saved in my phone. 

Maybe I'm being too picky but having a text signature and you're 24-25 makes me believe that you're severely immature and have yet to experience a real WOMAN.

Another thing that annoys me that guys do is run wack ass game. How many times have I said this? I'm 22, not 12. There isn't much you can say to me that I haven't already heard. Asking me to come "chill" with you at 2am means "I wanna have sex". Then you act surprised when I call you out on it. If I wanted to have sex with you, I'd let you know. I don't know you enough to go to your room ALONE. 

Dudes are still getting the word single confused with meaning desperate. I may be horny but trust I can have sex with someone, I don't have to have sex with a random. Meaningless sex with random men is not satisfying. Maybe at 18 it was great to hook up with a dude just to experience something new but NOW I like a certain type of men & I like my penis a certain way. 

For one, if your penis is under 8inches while erect, don't even try. Fuck what these folks say about its "the motion of the ocean & not the size of the ship". Whoever said size doesn't matter LIED. If I can't feel it or you have a baggy magnum on and all i feel is that inside my vagina, then NO. I don't want you. Plus, you have to know how to give great head. If the cunnilingus is subpar you WONT get the vagina. Oh & head comes first. 

Then there's the mutual attraction & mental stimulation. If I can't talk to you then there is no way you're getting this.

Ugh. Why must you men be so annoying? Is it a trend that I attract losers now? Oh it wasn't my fault. I blame my friend for giving him my number. I HATE taking one for the team. Guys need to realize that they too can be #theuglyfriend & that this chick is just doing her BFF a HUGE favor since she likes your friend. ... and you're buying alcohol. If it's cheap liquor, I will ignore you even more than I am now. I'm so bitter. I should probably stop being a bitch and comparing everyone to him. 

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