Monday, October 1, 2012

Bee Is Back!

I've been gone for a minute.. but now I am back! I've just been so busy. Moved in new place. Working my buns off. I turned 24. My bestfriend got engaged on 9.30.12!!! I love BLACK LOVE. So... Since the theme of September turned from horrible to amazing in a matter of moments, I've decided to make a change. Love is the theme of my life. The fact that I was sooo genuinely happy for someone else... it gave me hope for love. Like the Maya Angelou quote said "For those who have given up on love I say 'Trust Life A Little Bit'". Trust life. I am trusting life. I am focused on making my life THIS much better.

Currently addicted to pinterest. Planning Tanya's wedding. Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party. AND I will begin writing again soon.

I refuse to let another human make me feel anything but Happy & Loved. I cannot give anyone else that much control over me.

Bee patient.

Be patient love... This could be us.