Bee Michelle

Who is Bee Michelle?

Well, she is me. I am Bee Michelle. I love to blog and speak my mind. I don't blog for attention. I don't blog for notoriety. I blog because I love it. I love writing & I am in love with words.

My love affair with writing first started when I was a little girl. I was very shy and completely misunderstood. Writing was how I could express myself without being judged. For the longest time I only focused on my writing. When something or someone bothered me, I turned to my diary. My first official diary was gifted to me on my 10th birthday by my friend Ariel. I wrote in my diary literally everyday. I wrote about love, guys I had crushes on, my weight, my dreams, my aspirations, music, my day-- EVERYTHING.

My official "blogging" career started in 2003 when I first opened up an account with In 2005 while still using diaryland for my "personal" entries, I transitioned to for my first official website where I would post pictures to accompany my writing. I posted poetry, songs I wrote about people and numerous HATE messages directed towards girls or guys who had problems with me (how childish =/ .. smh). That same year I began to use myspace and utilized that blog as well. (All of my writing is STILL available there today).

I am the reason why girls in my hometown began to get on myspace and scour my profile & blog entries to see if I had wrote about them. Those stories were then passed around HHS as if I were some celebrity. (Tooting my own horn, I know). Facebook notes soon followed and for awhile everyone loved & read those as well. If a guy ever asked me what I liked to do or to describe myself I would direct them to my blogs/notes/diary entries online. I believe many guys began to like me based on my words initially. :)

Now we are here. I still write about the same things. I can't really describe myself so I don't know why I called this page "About Bee Michelle". This is not WHO I am, its just what I love. I guess that is me though. I love to write... A real about me coming soon. :)