Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lusty Life Volume 1

I finally upgraded and got some overpriced phone, the iPhone 5, and joined the ranks of others who have joined this apple crap. Oh well. Since I have a better phone, I can blog more. But mobile blogging sucks. Any who, lets get into what's going on in my life.....

I was in a relationship at the end of last year and half of January. Didn't last long enough for me to blog about. So I'm back single. I actually enjoy it more. Being a single 24 year old is much better than  I had originally thought. I love my free time. I love being able to reflect... I love it.

Anthony... We are still ok. After all was said and done, we met up somewhere in the middle of our lives and have acquired a mutual love and respect for one another. I love him. That's apparent. He loves me as well. But are we in love with each other? Nah I highly doubt it. We still remain great friends and I'm happy that we can work on a platonic relationship together. If that turns to something else, great but for now I'm happy where we stand. With Anthony, I had to let go and see what had become of us. So many of our issues came from lack of trust & communication. So much we never discussed. I also feel as if we are the way we are towards each other because of past relationships.
At the end of the day, I have him in my life and I'm happy with that. I talk to other guys and he probably talks to other women but I'm ok with it. We aren't together. And even though at times he gives me girlfriend privileged authority, I can't run off every female who appears to get too close. All about growing....

Speaking of growing, working on my personal relationship with God. Trying to grow spiritually. Meditating. Trying to work through my issues. Constant battles with the voices inside my head and the demons that seem to dwell within me. I am especially at war with this lusty demon. Matters of the flesh as a downfall always seem to pop up in my birth charts when trying to discover who I am astrologically. But I am a smart woman who is constantly working. Be blessed. Read on.