Friday, February 26, 2010

Bye Bye Sasha =/

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can You See the Difference??

Can you see the difference in my face?? You see how much slimmer my face is now? Funny thing is, in the second photo I'm actually smiling HARDER making my cheeks the fullest they can possibly be =] I promise, tweak your diet just a LITTLE & you will see big results. This is only in my face after 2-3weeks. The first photo was taken right before I began my diet. Imagine how my face will look after 40lbs lost!! I actually have ONE chin again. Ahhh!!! I hate my diet though.. I wanna go back to eating fast food again but I refuse. This has pushed me to go harder.
Body comparison pics coming soon with a REAL camera and not this stupid webcam :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Something in the Honey..

For some strange reason everyone has been wanting to experience the love sounds of Bee. They have been pursuing me heavily. No not for sex you guys- the big R. Yeah, you guess correctly. Relationship. So all I had to do was swear off men & guys would come from all over wishing they were with me?? Wow. crazy. I mean, it is nice to know that these men are interested in more than just sex even though I'm sure sex is on their minds.

Two are willing to spark up long distance relationships with ME. Like damn, really? Arghhh. You people amaze me.

I kindly turn them down. I don't rush into anything. I take my time & do it right. I'm hoping that my next becomes my last.. or at least lasts some years. That is all.

Lil Bit

i like this lil white boy!! i like this song too. lol dnt judge me =/
I see you drizzy :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I started a diet almost three weeks ago. Well actually it's a "lifestyle" change. Eating healthier and becoming more active. I've lost 11lbs to date!!! My goal is to lose 30-40lbs & to tone up. I know thats highly unlikely & that I may look scarily skinny at that weight but its a goal & I like to win.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Message from a Younger Me

2005-07-29 - 2:44 a.m.

The last time I said "I loved you", I truly thought that I meant what i said. I mean, what I saw as love, he only saw as Good Sex. I sacrificed so much to be near him, not with him but near him. People would constantly try to tell me that i could do better and that he wasn't the one for me but i knew deep down in my heart that he was. I'd pray to God many nights asking for him to be mine again. I was even willing to give up some of myself just so i could be apart of him. I wanted him, i needed him but he just didn't feel the same for me. For the longest time I knew that he didn't really like me but still I knew that I had enough love inside of me for the both of us. My self esteem was so low back then. Growing up where you're constantly ignored by boys except for when they talk about your ass is really damaging. I never had a real boyfriend. Seems as if I was searching for love but the love I wanted was really just attention. I wanted to be like the other girls. I wanted to have guys throw themselves at me. I wanted my phone to ring nonstop. I wanted to be held closely by someone who actually liked me for ME. Thats all i wanted. But I didn't get nothing like that. All i got to show for the last three years of my life is a broken heart. I can't forgive myself for being so dumb. I've cried so many tears. Forget crying a river, i've cried freaking oceans.. Many oceans. I try to look strong on the outside and act like it doesn't bother me but it still does. What i saw in my eyes as true love was really just stupidity under rose colored glasses. You know you're stupid when you're willing to fight another female over a nigga who aint even yours. Then when it all comes down, he's laughing about the situation and at you. I'm tired of looking stupid. I'm tired of being the other chick. I'm tired of being just another chick you can call at 2 AM wanting to know if my parents are home. I'm tired of feeling used and abused after each time I have sex.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vanity is Insanity

I promise i'm not vain.. I just really like ME


im not mad anymore. i just need to be in a place by myself. ppl are sooo blah. i dont like ppl. thats bad. i swear i think all the shit i say is profound. if u were in my brain you'd be like "damn.. thats so muddafuccin true" & i'd be like yup. toldyaso
Guess what I did? I cut myself in my fuckin hand. I mean almost straight thru.. between me thumb & me pointer finger. that shit hurt. i cut it deep. its healed now. but it was nasty. im not safe around knives.

Friday, February 12, 2010

He aint shit.

Being that its Black History Month i really don't want to say Niggas Aint Shit.. Just all bad. Okay, so there was this guy who found me on facebook (surprise surprise) & decided that he needed my number. okay, I gave it to him. We texted back & forth where he proceeded to feed me alll of the bullshit that niggas feed you when they are trying to initially get at you. Okay.. I didn't believe ONE blip of it. So he really wanted to be my man. YOu know he was "looking for a serious, relationship..." blah blah blah. & this is right at the cusp of me accepting the fact that I shall remain single until the end of the world. hmph. Anywho, we hung out once. We were supposed to have a date but somehow ended up back at his place.. mmmmhmmm. Okay so he wanted to take a nap.. then invited me to nap with him. red flag again. This lead to some pretty decent head. & NO sex. bc i saw his peen & it was not remarkable to say the least. (plz forgive the typos, my hands are frozen..) So... FFWD a few days & low & behold he has a GIRLFRIEND on facebook now. & guess what?! They are in LOVE!!!! Awwwwww. How sweet. I mean, were you really trying to form a relationship with me or you just wanted sex? dudes.. if its just lovin that u want be honest. smh. so yeah. that nigga aint shit.

Fuck YOu ALL.

I may not be the best friend in the world but I try.. I mean, I'm that girl who really doesn't need friends so if I call you one you truly are special to me. One thing really agitated me this week about a certain "friend". She thought that I had told her boyfriend some things that she told me in private. Now these things that she told me would undoubtedly end ANY relationship. I said NO... I really went through my head and phone trying to figure out exactly WHO could I have told since I'm supposedly the only person she told that to. Hmmmm.. I'm still trying to figure out who I could have told. Nobody comes to mind. I mean, I know I'm the QUEEN of gossip in my own little world but I only like to spread juicy deets. Her boyfriend hitting her? Yes I told that. Of course I'd say that. I said my lil two cents to him as well as her. No secrets here about that. I really don't like her boyfriend but thats HER business, not mine. It really sucks because I've tried to be really adult about the situation but she has asked me not once, twice.. but three or more times to be 100% honest with her about everything.

You see, if I really wanted to break them up I don't need to tell him things. I can just tell her how I really feel about it all but I hold back because she is my friend & that is NOT my place. It just really irks me that she would not believe me. What have I done to make myself an untruthful person? I'm more than honest. I didn't even have a chance to spread that shit. I mean supposedly I told one of my friends who I didn't know, knew her bf & they told him everything I said. Ummmmmmmmmmmm..... yeah. I only talk to two guys from there right now. I barely talk to them now.. I haven't heard from A in weeks & S either. Unless its like a hi-bye thing. It just really irk me. & Annoys me. That is all. Hmmm.. I really am in a fuck friends mode.

This Black Pussy Doesn't Care.. hmph

John Mayer. I don't feel like discussing what he said bc.. you all know. I just have my two cents about the whole little situation. Okay. Its not surprising that he said that.. Its just surprising that he said it OUT LOUD, in an interview. Why do I say this? I have this crazy theory that we are all prejudiced or racist in our thinking. I know many of you have called a white person a HONKY or a CRACKER. If not out loud to that person, in the comfort of your own race. You've called a Hispanic person a wetback whether they were Mexican or not. You've called an Asian person a Chink. You've said that all Indians/Middle Eastern ppl/Muslims were terrorists, stink, don't believe in deodorant etc.. We are so quick to be upset when someone says NIGGA that we forget that we have a racist mind at times too. No i'm not condoning what he said. I'm not forgiving him for his actions. I just don't give a fuck really. I don't put it past any white person to use the N word. Thats how I feel. The whole world is racist to me & we accept that. You're just not allowed to be racist in public if you're a celebrity. lol. I'm not a celebrity. I'm not famous. I can say what the fuck I want.

& To everyone being sooo hurt that he doesn't like black pussy? lol.. shush. Alot of white men aren't checking for us. I don't care. I never tried to fuck John Mayer...

Now if Michael Yo ever comes out and says he doesn't like black pussy, my world may come crashing down... ahhh!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rude Boy

Click Here to watch the new video from Rihanna. Below are some stills i captured. As you can see, Miss Riri is once again Little Miss Sunshine with this colorful video. She's actually poppin and dancin her lil ass off. I like the video. Makes me want a rude boy again. Hmmm where my Jamaican at? *sigh*

Well Riri.. Was 'IT' big enough??

I like to see Rihanna getting back to her "roots". :) Even more inspiration to hit the gym hard this week so I can show my lil cakes off in booty shorts all summer long.

What up Bey? What up A.?

Beyonce & Alicia Keys were spotted in Brasil this week shooting the video for the song "Put it in a love song" which is the next single from Ms. Keys album "The Element of Freedom". Bey has also been in Brasil doing a few shows. Don't they look great? Love em :)

Bey & A.Keys.. OMFG. I can't wait for this video. The colors! Oh my. I wanna go to Brasil now :) I love these two.. the song is lukewarm but a video can make me love it. hmph! enjoy these pics. thanks to & for the pics~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fuck Valentine's Day

With Valentine's day quickly approaching I feel the need to get alot of things off my chest. This is the 21st consecutive Valentine's Day I will be spending SINGLE. How? You ask.. Well, I don't know about why I was young & single as a little kid. I didn't really care much about guys. Plus nothing prepubescent counts. So lets say this is the EIGHTH consecutive Valentine's Day I've spent alone. Hmmm. So in High School I could never really stay with a guy for long. Mainly because I always crushed on the guy who had a girlfriend already or who was too damn old for me.. Or every guy just wanted to talk to me because they heard I was easy. Thanks Michael. Hmm. I wasn't easy though, I just really liked Michael & thought that he liked me too & that having sex with him kind of sealed the deal. WRONG. But enough of that shit. I had a guy break up with me the day before Valentine's day.. Yeah on the 13th. Apparently he wasn't ready to be in another relationship. Hmmm whatever. Yea i'm talking about you Jeremy. Those were the years when I just wanted a boyfriend so bad that I'd date anyone. I always heard from ppl "You better get with him girl! You know [insert holiday here] coming up! You gotta get something!" Smh.. so i'd talk to guys who clearly didn't really time me. They just wanted to be the talk of the locker room..

I've accepted the fact now that every guy who shows interest isn't going to like me for me but still. shit sucks. oh well. Thats why I say fuck vday. :)

This doesn't mean I haven't had Valentines though. Every year I've received something besides last year. All through high school I received flowers from guys who liked me, stuffed animals, chocolate. the sappy ish. I even received valentines from my daddy who always loves me regardless :) so yes honey, I am loved always on Valentine's Day :)


I haven't blogged in AWHILE but I have soo freakin much to say!! Twitter has definitely killed the blogger. SMH. Its okay. I'm a die hard blog fan. Its my first love. Twitter is just some bitch I'm fucking with that all the niggas want :) Anywho alot has happened, I almost fell for two guys. Both had small peens. Oh yes. Its the curse of Brittney. Don't worry, I'll update you TONIGHT. Stay tuned. We're goin in :)) bwhahahahahhaa

Monday, February 8, 2010


I hold a pic of you in a tiny pink bikini as inspiration at the gym.. I wish I had a body like yours. We're the same age.. it can happen, right??

I can have Bs & still stunt? Thanks RiRi

Plus, i love Zebra.

I ♥ Bey

Who else just wakes up this pretty? Oh yeah, Me & Bey :)

"... hair wild, pjs, chillin with no makeup on. Thats when you're the prettiest I hope that you don't take it wrong" :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

*** Originally Posted on Monday January 12, 2009** Not many people know that I love MOVIES, especially black movies. I love biographies and biopics and all that goodness and one of my favorite movie legend was Marilyn Monroe.. While reading a book on her life when I was younger, I came across something about the legendary Dorothy Dandridge. About the similarities in their lives, how they were somewhat friends, and both died tragically before their times. If you don't know, Miss Dorothy Dandridge was the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN NOMINATED FOR BEST ACTRESS AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS.. Halle Berry starred in the movie based on her life that came out some years ago called "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge"; You should go see it.. Also befitting, Halle Berry was the first African American woman to win that award and in her acceptance speeched thanked ladies like Ms. Dandridge for paving the way..

so yes, i'll always love Marilyn because she is MARILYN, but you have to know that Dorothy is the IDOL. If you didn't know, check out my facebook.. One of my display pics was of hers.. THIS pic here actually :)

so google Dorothy Dandridge!!!!!
Watch the musical Carmen Jones also starring Harry Belfonte and LEARN about your history :)

Heinz Revamped

I'm sorry but Whataburger BEEN on the dipping packets. You're sooo 2000 & late.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I know i may be too old but damn.. Isn't Justin Bieber a lil cutie?! OMG I LOVE HIM!! When you turn 21, hit me up :) Or do you want me to hook you up with my lil sister & I'll just take man candy Usher? Deal?! Okay :)

Journey to love again..

Don't you love it when you're thinking about someone.. & then they text you?? Yeah. I love it too. Hmmm.. I shall update you on the journey of love with Bee soon. I may be close to falling for someone--- Without the sex. :) Yes, let's see if its possible to fall for someone without having sex with them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Setting Records.

Yes, My Girl Bey broke the record last night. Most wins in a single night for a femal artist at the Grammys. She tied with Lauryn Hill back in 2004 with FIVE wins. Now she's in a league of her own. Am I wrong for singing "I've got every reason to feel like I'm THAT bitch" now?? NOPE. :) GO BEY!!

Beautiful Family:)

Julez is such a Scene Stealer :)


Rihanna could be Beyonce's little sister.
Look at her boobies! I'm taping my girls up now :)