Monday, April 27, 2009

Hairstory of Bee

Today I tried this carrot oil for my hair. Its an old bottle. I've had it packed in my bag since last semester-- It came in my olive oil relaxer i think (along with hair mayonnaise) So I needed something to put on my hair to keep it from drying out & lookin a fuckery of naps on my head. lol So after I co-washed my hair, i slathered some of the carrot oil "grease/hair lotion" type ish all over my hair & scalp letting it air. 6hrs later my hair still looks like it was washed 5mins ago! You know every girl wants that freshly washed curls all over but after its dried, the curls are GONE! =/ Not today. Only problem is, my hair is kinda greasy.. doesn't look it tho. & i smell the carrot oil on me lol. NO rubbing my fingers thru hair or the residue is on my hands. smh. oh yeah! If anyone has any ideas for products I should use, let me know-- my friend recommended Burt's Bees conditioner & stuff.. She's going natural too. <--- READ :)

She has a far better reason. She recently found out she has a form of alopecia thats common to black women caused from the harsh chemicals & heat we put in our hair!! She had beautiful thick long black hair & then started to bald a bit in the center of her scalp! Why?! This darn harsh chemicals our parents put on our heads when we were young! lol.

I remember having thick wavy hair that would NOT lay dwn for anything. My mother had to hold my head under running water just to part it (lol). She soon grew tired of my unruly beautiful hair so Just 4 Me came a'calling. Needless to say that very same day, I went from a big massive poofy pony, to a pathetic thin wimsy pony smh. My mother cried because she said it were her fault she ruined her baby's hair =/ (its ok, i dnt blame her!! lol) So from then on, I had my hair pressed. Throughout elementary my hair grew and grew.. By 5th grade I was dubbed the smart girl with long hair by my classmates. I never did anything with it.. Just ponytail. I hated that my hair was SO greasy.. never could hold curls.

In 6th grade I started playing softball. YOu know, became more active. My bi-monthly presses soon became a waste because after each game, my edges would be back to its natural, unstraight self. So the day before 8th grade started i BEGGED my mother to let me get my hair relaxed again. Reluctantly she said yes. I got a cute layered shoulder length bob and long side bang. I was in heaven. I played in my non-greasy bouncy flowy hair 24/7. So much my friends said i thought i was all that cuz i always talked about and played with my hair. lol I didn't care a bit!

Slowly throughout high school, I noticed that my hair texture started to change from silky to more coarse. This meant I spent more time trying to straighten & flat iron my hair. Trying different perms; buying the latest in ceramic hair irons; using hair gloss for the lack in luster my hair now had. No longer was I the girl with the long, pretty, "dood hair", I was another black girl who needed a weave =[ I prided myself on the fact that white classmates said I was different from other blacks because i wore my REAL hair, and it was always so soft and moved! Good hair MOVES (shouts 2 alicia) Now I had a weave like the rest of the ghetto girls. SMH. By the time I came to spelman my hair was soo badly damaged, it was barely past my chin. My ends were severly split. I had to cut it. So i did.. 6 months or so later I'm here.

I'm at a turning point in my life. I'm embracing my inner beauty. Accepting my so-called flaws making them the things that I like most about me. I'm not hiding behind my relaxed hair anymore.. I'm embracing my "nappy hair". NOw, I'm not saying i'm against weave. Trust, I'm getting a weave within the next 3wks. I am not saying that everyone should be natural either. My sister & mother would never go without one! Its a choice to have healthy hair. For me, a relaxer was not making my hair any better or enhancing it. It was harming it. So i let it go. Plus I want curly hair super bad.

Anywho, thats it. Next topics will probably be about healthy eating & diets. Today I had half a sub from publix :) Yay for Bee!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


please. its hilarity at its best lol

Smashed & Obsessed

Last night i had my date with emcee. We saw the beyonce movie. Uh duh we did. I freakin luv Bey.. Enjoyed the movie too. Only because the "i'm a black woman and i can't stand no white woman taking my successful man" mentality has been embedded in my brain for years now. Its funny because attending this school I've become more pro-ME (ie black power/female empowerment). Actually I kinda see myself playing the Ali Larter role though. I can be the temptress. lol. what a role. Anywho--

I feel really sick right now. Like sickening sick. Stomach in shambles. Never eating healthy again. Gross. Blame the BC. & Doc Green's. I can't wait until I come home :P
Get to see my shanahnahs & hoohas. Have a job already lined up. Trying to acquire alternate employment as well. Yes honey. I'm trying to stack stacks. lol.

Just filled out another application. I love online ish :)

Boys really suck. They never wanna hang when i wanna hang & i dont know what to do about the physical aspect of things.

Oh well i'll be leaving soon. bye bye losers.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


so by May 7th I shall be BACK in Texas- the Lone Star STATE. Ahhh home never sounded so GOOd. Ok so I'm selling all my ish on craigslist.. If its not sold by the tuesday before I leave, I'm giving it away.. I'm not taking any of that back to Tx with me. soooo if you need anything for your kitchen to start you off like knives, plates, bowls, silverware, pots, fry pans, etc.. Hit me up. I got you. Also, if ur lookin for a bed.. ahem.. I got that too :)

So my advice, never stay with a bitchy person. It doesn't work. Like our arguments are over cleaning- she says she's sooo clean but she isn't. If i leave a pan in the fridge wit food in it, its a problem. If she does- Who cares. Ummm yeahh. Not cool homie. She wanted me to wash her dishes because she doesn't like washing out pans. Grow up kid. Such a little bitch. I'd be soo happy when i'm far away from her. Needy ass. Other than that she's cool i guess. She says i'm annoying. Oh well. she's far more annoying than i.


Sometimes I feel like i'm the ONLY person who understands why i'm going natural. Like I have no problem rockin short hair at all but some, ahem boys, always say things like "You cut your hair Again?!" like its a BAD thing. I mean, honestly before I got the short "rihanna wannabe cut" in October- my hair was by NO means long. My hair hasn't been healthy since 2006. My scalp was always dry & dandruff filled. My ends were continuously being split and damaged. My hair was a mess. The cut was the best thing.

Just because I rather rock this lil baby fro doesn't mean I don't take time to do my hair.Every other morning I have to either Co-wash or spray my hair down with a leave in conditoner since its absorbing sooo much moisture daily. But then I see a guy and he like you just keep cutting your hair. It looks REALLY short. Honestly, the length is longer than before.

My hair has grown alot. Dumb twits don't realize that my natural hair is ridiculously curly. Like spirals all over curly- therefor the longer it gets, the tighter the curls appear thus making my hair seem shorter. SMH. If i flat iron my hair, my bangs are touching my nose, hair in the back is definitley tapping that neck (lol) and the sides are sooo long that i brush them back and bobby pin them in place so i won't have an uneven fro. If i picked out my hair ala 70s, then you'd see the true length.

but i don't really care. i play with my curls daily. I ravel, and unravel the spirals only for them to plop back into place. My hair is so healthy now. and BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love it.. if you don't- you don't love yourself. "It takes a strong confident woman to rock her natural hair in a world wear everyone else is using relaxers and weaves.." and that girl is Me. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Naturally Sweetened

So as many of you know, i'm on the path of "transitioning" from relaxed to natural hair. Now normally I just flat iron the eff outta my fragile tresses but I've come to accept its natural state. After a c0-wash/no poo (conditioner wash-- no shampoo), i simply brushed back my edges a bit, bobby pinned the sides back for a lil spiffy do wop. Well here are the pics. nearly 6months withough a perm (besides my bangs) eeek. excited :)

thats it for now. peacee.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hmm.. Updations..
I got abused by a guy, Kevin the jamaican. Yeah.. he hit me. Oh well. Um today was fabu!!

Okay so me & emcee & jam went to beer bash. saw our buds. went to the park. swings & things!! super fun. then we played on the jungle gym and slide and just took hella pics for no reason. my hair is all natural. pics as sooon as megs uploads em.

oh my gosh mister is sooo NASTY>... so yeah found out some ish that he did.. like, why do you have to tell her the SAME thing you tell me?? and why do you have to lie bout it?? i'm so over liars.. smh. they officially suck as humans.

umm im tired. nothing to write about. drinking tonight with the homies. roll out auto bots.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night was so f'd up. Where do i start?!
So.. I walked in my house to find not one, but two half naked persons in my bed.. Empty condom wrappers, lube.. and a used condom next to my bed.
My clean laundry all over my room. Yes my panties were violated; and located in various parts of my room. WTF?! I don't know why this girl thought that it was ok to have sex in MY bed. In MY room!! Its nasty. Why oh why..

I can write some foul ish but i'm not.. I'm just gonna say that i'm so done with the nice Bee. Straight bitch. I'm not gonna say what i said to them, or did.. keeping it "trill" lol

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


After years of having relaxed hair.. after i cut my hair back in october, i decided that i wanted to go "natural". Up until 9th grade, my hair was pressed. No perm. Unfortunately I hated the oily tresses i had down my back so i got that good ol' relaxer and a new layered do. I was ecstatic. My hair was so silky and shiny and bouncy. Lovely.. After years, my hair slowly lost its luster. Wouldn't really grow much. And when it did grow, it was so uneven i was forced to cut it again and again just to even it out a bit. Eventually I began to wear weave, something I never done in my LIFE besides braids back in elementary.. Loved it. But still needed a change. Cut it ALL off in a short rihanna inspired hairstyle. Loved it. But now I haite having to perm it more.. So transition started. I'm not gonna lie, In december I did perm the front of my hair in a moment of weakness.. I wanted my bangs and edges to look nice.. but i didn't leave the perm on long at all. Maye 3mins tops and i felt horrible.. Got a wash-n-press in January & the lady cut and shaved the back really short.. left the top.. So my back is completely natural. When i wash it. i'm in love. its curly. Nice. feels soft like cotton.. but now i need to find shampoos & styling products for my new texture. Garnier only worked when Olive Oil relaxer was my bff. So we shall see what happens with this baby fro.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tough Love?!

So I'm a reality TV fanatic and usually i only watch those shows to laugh at the dumb tricks who will do ANYTHING for the fame/money etc.. This show actually has taught me a bit, or at least made me think about MY relationship woes & the lack there of.. I began to write this post back in march but quickly lost internet service~ enjoy

So me and Emcee always have the best convos. Like ONE: We can never find movie dates but there is always some loser who wants to come over and get down and dirty. Um NO.
What happened to old fashioned courting? You know getting to know each other.. Going places. Not just the "you wanna come over to my room & chill?? We can watch movies.."
umm i have many movies at my own place to watch. I think we are worthy of bein seen in public together. Ugh.
Its really annoying cuz we all know that when a guy invites you over to chill SEX is the main thing on his mind. im all for casual hook ups. Sex is great. We all know we like it, so why front..

My problem is, its very easy to get a guy to lay up with you at night.. But not many are ready to be in a relationship. At least not with YOU. Cuz you know, you're just too sexy. LOL. I honestly thought that if i downplayed my sex appeal I could find a guy who liked me for me and not my body. Unfortunately I can't hide these god given gifts. If you've seen me lately, you'd notice that I rarely dress scandalous like i Once did. Lol. You can look at my current facebook pics and see that I have tried to downplay the va-va-voomness I naturally possess. I get dudes trying to holla when my hair wrapped up, baggy sweats and a hoodie.. Maybe its not ME. I mean, I know what i'm doing. I know how to make any guy desire me but I have yet to find a guy who can accept me for the quirky girl that i am.

A guy who can respect my writer's mind. Who knows what vividly bland means. Who actually likes to read what i write... Who doesn't mind having discussions about books & movies that don't involve killing lol. Who can watch memoirs of a geisha and get it- Who knows exactly why mean girls is so funny..

My goal.. To find a guy whose idea of fun is more than just drankin at the club or chillen with his boys. A guy who who'd have fun playing laser tag with me or miniature golf.. bumper cars. Eat ice cream while walkin around the park.. Fly kites. You know just enjoy time with each other. Lol. Maybe i'm just a kid but a laser tag bud is all i need

The Stalker Chronicles; Revisited (Marta Tales)

Sooo.. My stalker is still umm stalking. Soo saturday night i was gettin ready to go out with emcee and HE calls. Asks if i miss him & when i say no he's like oh just a little bit.. Like putting words in my mouth. What a freakin creeper. Honestly, i'm not afraid of him. I doubt if he'll harm me.. He just wants to continue what he started.. Maybe i should like be crazy back and he'll leave me alone. You know.. continuously call him.. hahaha
I always get a feeling he's near me.. While walkin home I made mea & bam be quiet cuz i thought he'd hear me.. smh. seconds later he's literally right in front of me.. Creeptastic. Luckily he didn't see me..

Tried to go to a strip club last night.. Lets just say it was ALL bad!!! =[
For one it rained.. Two we're under 21. And three, I honestly don't wanna see naked girls vaginas in my face. that's not my thing. Drinkin was fun :)
Maybe you should mix claritin excedrin & bacardi..

I'm patiently waiting to see if Anthony's coming out this way to visit. I can't lie.. I do still like him. I know the feelings are mutual.. I just wonder if its better off that we just be friends and nothing more you know..

I haven't written in weeks it seems. Losing this luster since everyone and their little brother has a blog. Oh well.

I was on the marta the other day and a lady's water had just broke prior to her gettin on the marta. She got off on one station.. White lady asks when she's due, she says NOW. Mea goes, "did your water break or something" lady goes "idk.. not alot like gushing but just a lil bit..." um ma'am ur water broke and you're takin the marta by yourself to the hospital?? sucks. no friends. mama. baby daddy. smh. suckish. Then she gets off like 2 stations later AND this white lady walks towards us and there is a wet spot on her legs. I'm like did she pee.. i look at her butt. The cliche wet-my-pants mark.. smh. SADNESS. On a sunday night at 11pm she's already pissy drunk.. wow.

Just another day in the life of Bee. Marta stories.. Stalkers. & Strippers.