Sunday, January 31, 2010

Go Bey :)

My BFF Beyonce won Six out of the 10 Grammy's she was nominated for. Go Bey. *Doesn't she & Jay look so cute with Lil Juelz?? They should reproduce soon :)*

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

Song Of The Year

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance

Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance

Best R&B Song

Best Contemporary R&B Album

Remember the 90s?

Remember the 90s? Those days we LONG for now.. Simplicity. Carefree. Before our lives were consumed with iPhones & Twitter. The good ol' days. Courtesy of twitter. #90stweet:
  1. #90stweet Say NO to drugs! Proud to be Drug Free - smh
  2. #90stweet damn he lost A LOT of weight-- He must have AIDS!
  3. #90stweet Do you like me? Check Yes or No.. =]
  4. #90stweet "Pee Wee Don't Want to, Maybe Tomorrow..." hehehe nasty ass stories
  5. #90stweet "Candy Man.. Candy Man.. Candy Man" @LadiLuigi girll i was scared too
  6. #90stweet Beanie Babies..
  7. #90stweet Green light........... RED LIGHT! You moved, you're out!
  8. #90stweet what u know bout recording songs off the radio to play in your walkman-- ??
  9. #90stweet popcorn popcorn on that train lets see brittney do her thang. she said a ooh ahh look at that booty -_-
  1. #90stweet mind yo own beeswax!!
  2. #90stweet Oregon Trail
  3. #90stweet Girls RULE, Boys DROOL!
    1. #90stweet popcorn popcorn on that train lets see brittney do her thang. she said a ooh ahh look at that booty -_-
    2. #90stweet whats a wallaby??-- Rocko's Modern Life
    3. #90stweet the butterfly?? uh uh that's old- Let me see ya tootsie roll!!
    4. #90stweet JTT - Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    5. Man.. if you aint had a Lisa Frank binder, pencils, backpack, folders-- you weren't shit!! #90stweet
      1. #90stweet If you wannabe my lover you gotta get with my friends :)
      2. #90stweet "Brittney you can be Scary Spice since you're black..." Damn my friends were racists!! smh
      3. #90stweet Payless shoes aint got no grip. Make you fall & bust yo lip
      4. #90stweet "Don't go Jason Waterfalls..." (instead of don't go chasing waterfalls.. ) =/
      5. #90stweet "I'm the Pink Ranger!!" "No you're the Yellow Ranger bc you're black" -_-
      6. #90stweet ooh girl cant u see yo hair is so nappy. U need some TCP or some JustForMe
      7. #90stweet Wanna cyber?
      8. #90stweet You know Aaliyah gotta glass eye?! thats why she always wear her hair over her eye with them dark shades..
      9. #90stweet My Gigapet > your Tamagatchi @SpanglishBait
      10. #90stweet Yall know the world gone end in the year 2000?!