Monday, August 7, 2017

Dear Whitney Kimball

Dear Whitney Kimball, 

Fuck you. Yes.. FUCK YOU and fuck every other white woman who decides to write a think piece every single time Beyoncé posts a pic on Instagram. As soon as she dropped her pregnancy announcement, you were upset because it was "over the top" and "she isn't the first person to get pregnant". When she dropped the first pics of her twin blessings you once again scolded Beyoncé for making having twins look too glamorous and perfect. 

Now, this bored white woman named Whitney has decided to say that Beyoncé ruined roller skating. Why you ask? Well, Beyoncé uploaded a video to Instagram yesterday with the song Caroline by Aminé playing on a loop. More specifically the lines "she's a bad thing, fine as hell, thick as fuck..." since she's sporting a thicker body since delivering the twins in June. She's a bad thing, not roller skating Whitney! You're so dumb, Whitney! I swear, you white women are all so jealous of everything Beyoncé does. Any mediocre Sarah can post a million pics and videos of her twins Tanner and Paisley and you wouldn't bat an eye. You'd praise her for being some rare super mom for merely breathing. Now let Beyoncé post anything that you deem as perfect and she's immediately put on the chopping block. 

No one is going to explain anything to you, stupid Whitney, because you white women are obsessed with Black women simply existing. You don't understand the video because it wasn't for you to understand. It wasn't even hard for anyone with a slice of knowledge on music and pop culture to understand but you Whitney's are impossible to reach 🤦🏾‍♀️

Fuck you. Fuck every white Woman who decides to write a think piece about any mother just doing what 99% of mothers do on social media-- post pics of themselves and their kids. Can she breathe? Goddamn! 

Whitney Kimball, please kiss Beyoncé's perfectly round ass skating backwards. Suck on her perfectly orchestrated videos with pics of her hands and Black Magic tee. Get a big whiff of how she's embracing her seemingly normal SnapBack body post body (because she still has a stomach and wayyy more cake-- but you know since she was always in shape her body looks flawless even when it's flawed because she's Beyoncé and you're just a hater bitch)

Fuck you Whitney Kimball and stop being such a hater bitch. And fuck Jezebel for publishing that trash ass article. Please, let's give anyone a fuckin byline. 

A Loving Beyhive Member who is fed up with White Women hating Beyoncé for being the bad bitch that she is. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Need Your Help!

If you'd like to contribute to my blog or appreciate the content feel free to send to$BeeBook
This isn't me begging for money. You don't have to donate, but it would help me bring better content to you. I'm currently working on launching a podcast. I know it's easier to listen to a podcast than actually reading my thoughts out loud.

So I should tell you about the podcast 🤔 it's tentatively called Most Bomb. I'm working on it along with one of my longtime subscribers turned friend out of Chicago, Ashley. She's really dope and my Virgo sister. We will discuss relationships, dating in your 20s, horror stories with men, sex, and sex toys... Maybe even a bit of current events if it pertains to sex & dating.

Also, revamping my YouTube channel. I only have 1000 followers on there right now but I'm hopeful for more.

The worlds way more visual these days and I want to bring creative content to you. I want to create web series and whatnot. AND I'm finally back in school.

So yea. If you want to help me out, please. I am thankful for any and all who contribute.

I'm just happy you guys have been rocking with me for 10 years now. (Well almost)

Y'all stuck with me and I appreciate you.

Once I launch the podcast or YouTube channel, I'm hosting giveaways. I get so much free shit and I can teach you how to get free shit as well. I have all the Sephora gift cards man. Just tryna flourish out here without showing my ass even though I don't mind showing my ass if it looks good 😂

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Facebook Doesn't Care About Black Women

The community standards set forth by Facebook are supposed to protect everyone... unless you're a Black woman. Recently read an article about a Black woman who was receiving death threats on Facebook and Twitter after saying she felt uncomfortable in a Cracker Barrel surrounded by white folks. Did Facebook do anything about the abuse she was receiving? Nah, but they did suspend her account for three days after she posted screenshots of how Facebooks community standards do NOTHING to protect black women from a mob of angry white people. 

I, too, have had my fair share of run ins with the horribleness of white men and Facebooks lack of concern for MY safety. I recently posted an article about how there was a law in NC about women not being able to back out of sex once it was underway. I captioned the post "Me. Are Trash" 

A few minutes later, that same post was taken down because it didn't go along with the community standards of Facebook-- you can't say MEN ARE TRASH but there's laws out here that protect men from making trash ass decisions that affect women.
So I immediately make a post about how silly Facebook is for making me take down the post when Men truly are trash and should be held accountable for their actions. And GUESS WHAT?!?!!

Yes. Weeks later Facebook once again removed something I posted. But that's not the kicker- I was banned from posting anything for 24hrs 🙄 
Yes bitch. Facebook doesn't care about what I have to say in regards to men. I've seen countless racist memes, videos of black bodies being killed by the hands of cops, porn and gross depictions of a man ejaculating on black womens faces, been called a nigger simply for having an opinion about this trash ass Trump administration-- but I report that content to no avail. They stay there for everyone to gawk at. So you know what?? FUCK FACEBOOK. Anything to protect men. This whole country was designed for women, especially minority women, to fail. So I'm no longer giving trash ass Facebook my beautiful commentary. It's now just to house memories from high school and college days. Fuck Facebook. FUCK IT ALL. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sir Carter and Rumi

Queen Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter shared the first picture of her now one month old twins, Sir Carter and Rumi.

I'm DYING! Beyoncé petty ass waited until midnight to drop this iconic pic on Instagram! Remember she debuted Blue Ivy on tumblr at around the same age. I'm excited.
Beyoncé is the queen of unexpected drops.
She always breaks the internet.

When she announced her pregnancy in February 🖤
 And me because I'm extra AF 😭😭😭 I love Beyoncé! The Beyhive is still on maternity leave though... BUT WE COMING!