Saturday, February 26, 2011

Punk Ass Otis

So much shit has happened lately. Finally told Otis bitch ass where he could STICK it. So I'm outside of Tonya's apartment giving these items I bought online to a friend of mine when an SUV pulls up beside me. At first I just figured they needed to get by since I was bent over and blocking traffic with my rather large arse, until they stopped. As the car slows down I see that it is the bitch named Otis who begins to roll his window down, smiling from ear to ear & is trying to get at me. *slow eye roll* Before he could get out the "Hey what's up?" I was already in full fledge ghetto Bee mode yelling out a bunch of obscenities (in a non yelling tone of course.. i'm not that ghetto & there were Caucasians around. Can't act up to much during Black History Month) that went something like "Nigga don't hey what's up me with your ol lying ass! Oh I want you huh? I'm always calling to get with you? REALLY? and you dont know how I got your number?? And your ass was STILL calling me private until I changed my number?!" All the while I'm trying to reach through the window as he's rolling it up. THEN I go to open the door and this fucker has the audacity to lock it! He's SUCH a bitch nigga. I just want to slap him. That's it. That's all I want to do. Punch him. Slap him. Not because he lied, as he's done numerous times before... but because of the simple fact that he's actually making people believe that I WANT HIM. I don't want HIM! I haven't wanted him since I had him. Barely wanted his ass then. I was just young... Don't lie on me. That's ridiculous. I had my 4698 number since 2003-2004. He's had it since 2005. Of course I wouldn't have to get his number from any fucking body since his ass is steady CALLING me... But he hasn't since I changed my number in January & he will NOT get this one. Not only were you lying on me but you AND your baby mama decide to talk about me. To make her feel better, you felt the need to lie about me? Then she carries those lies to her job with a bunch of other nonsense? Yea. Real. Fucking. Classy.

Mommy Dearest

Today I will not post pictures of me & my friends out and about at parties or the bar... I don't think I will ever post party pics again, unless its hair related. I don't want to become that blogger that only blogs about the bland shit she does & tries to make it seem like she's having such a vivid time out here in these streets. I've become that blogger though. I don't even blog about my escapades or nightly shenanigans anymore. I've lost my spark! I'm not even sure anyone reads this mess anymore. *taps mic* Hello?! See! Nobody.

Today will be a new day. I will rekindle the blogging flame and get back to what I love doing. THIS!

I've gained alot of weight dude. Its because I work at freaking walmart and i'm always finding new things to try.. and the deli is so conveniently placed nearby the break room. I have NO time to work out. I'm always working--- well not today. I called in. Personal reasons. Basically I didnt have a ride. *sigh* Yeah. I desperately need a car. I don't really talk to my mother much because she was charging me outlandish amounts of money to take me to work everyday... Like over $100 a month & we dont even stay that far away from my job. She also borrowed money from me, never paid me back yet went to the Casino the same week. She's been twice & has yet to reimburse me. How in the world am I supposed to save for a car, save for my apartment if people are always taking money from me?! Its not even her fault. She's so far up her disgusting husband's ass she does whatever he says. He wanted her to kick me out numerous times before. Well she has kicked me out a few times in the last year or so. I think it all started when I decided to leave Spelman. She really doesn't understand that what I want to do with my life has nothing to do with Spelman. Great institution, just not for me right NOW. And its not like she was sending me money while I was there... but that's another story... See now this blog is turning into something else. I just had an epiphany. I am who I am because of my mother. I love her. I truly do, but I can't agree with what she's doing right now.
My mother was always the cool mother. Younger than all my friends. Free. Dressed however. Did whatever. One of those women who didn't care about the opinions of others.. yet she always picked the wrong men. Because of her, I always pick the wrong men. I didn't really know it but its true... She met her new husband like two years ago and now he's actually ruling over her. She has to talk to him 24/7. If she's not at work, she's talking to him. She can't go anywhere without him. If she doesn't answer, he has to know WHERE she was & why she didn't pick up. Ugh. I so wish I could say more but I don't want to put all of mother's business out there...... Just know that she has horrible relationships with men and that has trickled down to little ol' me. I can't really blame it all on her, but if all I've learned from her is what I don't want or need out of a relationship, how am I supposed to function as an adult woman in the dating world?

I'm Not Anti-Weave...

I'm just against visible tracks. With all the new hood trends such as closure pieces and invisible parts, there is NO way any female should spend that much money on weave if she's gonna let the damn track show! Isn't the purpose of the weave to make it look like its YOUR hair? Nah man. In 2011 its just a fucking accessory. I'm still a fan of sew ins. Can't get with the quick weave culture OR the i'm lazy so i'ma just put a bang across my head & say fuck covering the track -____-

Maybe I'm just old school. Maybe I'm not accustomed to the new wave of weave trends sweeping the nation. Maybe I am not in the "know" anymore... I've had plenty of weaves in my day and NEVER have I ever had a track out. The color always matched my natural hair color. The texture was always the same. *sigh*

Oh well. Lacefronts can either be your best friend or you worst enemy. Until then, me & my fro are doing just fine.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Legged Crow

RIP Christmas..
We look awesome here.. ;)
Tonya, me, Bryanna, Josh, Dar, & Quen at the "One Legged Crow"
As you can see, I was having a great time at the bar with Josh & Quen
i ♥ Tonya
Naomi was fascinated with my hair...

i'm sure this was a Rihanna song.. "Only Girl In The World"
That damn rose

I absolutely LOVE this pic so I had to post it again. I look very good here. Check that thigh. You see that muscle?! Girlll.. can't tell me nothing.
Also, I've realized that I look like I'm at least 5'10" in most pics. Not only because my friends are midgets, but I have long ass legs, big hair and I'm always in heels. Like my friends aren't that short. Tonya is 5'4" I believe & I'm only 5'6".. I just look wayyy taller.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tiggy Tiggy Timbo Walk Side Walk

Megan, Mea, Jamiere & I spent hours in the basement & third floors of HH at Spelman freshman year watching vogue battles on youtube. We found a particular girl that we LOVED-- Miss Tia Jourdan. We randomly started using their lingo and incorporated it into our everyday lives. We even tried to do the dances... Of course that didn't work out well... AT ALL. Tiggy Tiggy Timbo.. You Blonde Bitch.. Yassss! SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!! Stay in your pose Rico!!!--- Will forever remain in my hearts. I miss yall whores!!! Why can't we go back to the old days.... *sigh* Can you imagine four freshman from Cali, Texas, Nola & ATL coming together & being the BEST of friends and forming a love of gay culture? Duck walking in the parking lot and down Peachtree?? Magical.


Sucks when you find out that the guy you're interested in is actually involved with someone else.. Maybe possibly "in love". Oh thats the fatal flaw of Bee. Always falling for perceivably unavailable men.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Esperanza Spalding

The grammy's were quite interesting this year. Your favorites didn't win. Many upsets. Possibly the biggest being the Best New Artist category where Esperanza Spalding beat out Justin Bieber & Drake. Everyone was like WHO?! And I'm like "Do you NOT remember the Prince tribute at the BET Awards?" (I guess everyone paid more attention to Alicia 12 month pregnant ass climbing on top of that piano-- which Gwyneth Paltrow did this year when she performed "Forget You" with Cee-Lo this year. Nothing on Ms Keys though). But then I remembered that MOST people don't know who she is besides us natural haired ladies. Please google Miss Spalding. She's very talented. A real musician. May not be the most popular to you because you only listen to popular music.

Congrats to Esperanza Spalding. But who cares about a Grammy though? If you love making music shouldn't you just do it & not want to get the most awards for it??

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Studio Twelve

because of ciroc i found some random rose and placed it in my head *sigh*

in the background but very much up front.

my hair was on tho.

so.. its safe to say my ass is wayyy too big and i overpower little Chels.