Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blandly Vivid

Lost Ones

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Night Sponsored Ciroc

Month Later...

Me & my little sister

My hair looks horrible, yet fab.

3 days after hair wash. Cantu Shea Butter repair cream

Daraney is natural too.. She just gets her hair flat ironed twice a month

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Should Childless Women Under 25 Date Men with Kids?

(from Necole Bitchie)

I've been faced with that same dilemma and I honestly don't know.. There is always the possibility of drama but even if you're over 25 without kids I'm sure that probably wont change either. Just depends on the situation =/

I have a problem with sharing my time.. and when he has a kid, his free time usually goes to "daddy time". He works 40+hrs a week, and his weekends belong to his kids, when will he have time for you? That's the only issue I have with men who have kids. Baby Mama drama is another issue. There usually isn't any unless he's still somewhat involved with her... Then there's the issue of if YOU'RE ready to play the mother role. Although this child is not yours, you may be responsible for him at some point. At 22, I feel as if whoever I'm with now should focus solely on me and not someone else, even if it is THEIR child. I know that may seem selfish but Id devote my all to him, why can't i expect the same from him??

Unfortunately, the one I want has a kid. Very young. Goes against every rule I placed on MYSELF... Should I disregard my feelings for him just because he has a baby? Its not fair to me.. but I can't help who I love... *sigh*

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waka Flocka Flame Goes Nude For PETA

"Ink Not Mink"

Ummm... Diddy, are you ready to drop the Mink??

Dear Me,

[This was written while PMS'ing.. I have no idea why I wrote it, or where I was.. but I felt the need to actually publish it so that it would be here.. ]

I would like to blame all of this on Florence but I know better. It’s all me. Why can’t I just accept responsibilities for my actions?! smh. Of course I have to blame every little thing on a man who has somehow done ME wrong and I had absolutely nothing to do with it.
I don’t recognize the person in the mirror anymore. What happened to me? Whatever happened to Bee?! Whatever happened to Brittney?! I miss me terribly. I just want to be HER again. Idk how I let her slip away so easily.. but I did. How can you not even recognize your own reflection?
I used to be so cute to me… Now I’m critiquing everything I see. I hate my body. I hate my hair. I hate everything. blah blah blah.

Dear Me,
There are a few things I’ve realized about you, me. You’re never good enough. Change that, please. Quit believing everything these men tell you. They’re most likely just lying and you fall for it each time. Find a single guy that’s actually available to you—I mean how much longer can you even entertain these fools with baby mamas, girlfriends, fiancĂ©es, wives, main chicks etc… They are toxic. Girl…

Stop being so lazy. You’re capable of wayyyy more than you think.

Get used to sleeping alone. I mean, I know you’re “used to it” but begin to like it. I have a feeling you will be sleeping alone for a few more years.

Stop partying so much. I know why you drink. I know why you like to get fucked up. It’s not healthy dear… Do we need an intervention??

You will probably always be the fat friend, even if you aren’t fat. I don’t think you’re fat though; It’s just that your friends are so small & skinny. You could stand to lose a few pounds though. Just work harder babe, okay?

Don’t be afraid to speak up and be heard. I know you have much more to say. Just SAY IT!

There’s more to life than sex, men, your body & your hair. Stop talking about it so much.

Blabber Jabber of Life

I haven’t blogged much lately.. [this is becoming redundant. I start most blogs like this—redo] I think my gap is actually smaller than I think. Its virtually invisible in most pics (unless I’m really up in my grill—) That’s how life is. You always envision your problems (or in this case, flaws) to be much bigger than they really are. I feel as if my whole life is crumbling because I’m not enrolled in school right now, work a sucky ass job that stresses me out daily, still live with my parents, can’t seem to save enough money to move out or buy a car, still owe ridiculous amounts in student loans & other bills I acquired while at Spelman… I’m single. I just feel like I’m not doing anything. I mean, I work but when you have a hand like ME, money goes by rather quickly. I need to revamp my life. I have responsibilities now. No more spending ridiculous amounts at the bar buying drinks for others (I’m a friendly drunk).
My friends never have to pay me back.. There were so many times when I didn’t have ANYTHING in my wallet & they told me not to worry and covered my broke ass. I always remember the good things people have done for me. They can ask me for ANYTHING & I will hand it over no problems because I know they’d do the same for me. Sadly I can’t say the same for my own family members. That’s another issue that’s far too big to put on these here innanets…
I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Everyone keeps telling me that they thought I’d be the one who’d be famous by now. Doing what, I have no idea. My step mother said she always thought I’d be a model. I’m wayy too curvy for that shit though. *sigh* Others see me as an actress.. Novelist… All things creative. I have so many ideas in my head. I think they’re all fabulous but people just think I’m crazy. Sometimes I’m at work and I just think… I know I look off to the customers but I mean who really cares. I’m so ready to be THE Brittney Michelle B*****. I need to make Vividly Bland a big BRAND and not just some bull. Time to make money off my talents. I think I want to go to art school now. I know the job market is pretty slim for that sort of thing but who cares?! Its time to follow my heart. I just want to be happy.. and if happiness involves me doing crazy shit like shake my jelly, then ima shake my jelly til it turns to jam. I’ve had sooo many opportunities to make it BIG. Idk whyyy I haven’t jumped on any yet. Coulda been on the bad girls club but I felt it would tarnish my “name/reputation” as if my fucking rep hasn’t been dragged from every swamp in the continental US.
Coulda been a correspondent for talk show. Coulda been a rapper’s girlfriend & been on a damn Hip Hop Wives show on Vh1. Coulda been a stripper and had Drake fall in love with my ass. Mayne, I coulda did it all and haven’t done SHIT yet. Time to make it work. Time to get serious. Time to………

From Window Seat 7E

I write this somewhere over Texas.. I’m on my way to NYC to see someone very special. Anywho, for some odd reason I’m very nervous. I know, I know.. I’ve known this person for years but I’ve never spent a whole weekend with them. Alone. Just us two. This can get pretty awkward. I got breakfast this morning & couldn’t eat ANYTHING.. I just let it sit there. My stomach is in so many knots. lol. I’m sooo dramatic. I had planned on doing so much shit before I boarded the plane and I did NONE of it. lol. I’ve been too damn busy working. NO off days during the week. get off at night. Budgeting was wayyyy off so I ended up spending way more than originally planned. Just spent $150 on a camera. Nikon of course. Dude kept trying to sell me a cheaper samsung camera but I refuse to get anything other than canon or nikon. I know, label whore-ish but I’ve had MANY cameras in my short life and I’ve found that these two are the best. =]

Seated in 7E because the flight had sooo many empty seats =]. I’m singing “so can I get a window seat? Don’t want nobody next to me…..”. I’m happy, I think. I’m leaving behind a few stresses. My hair is tamed today.
I’m very much confused about what I want… In life & every aspect of it. I keep changing for others but I don’t want to..even though I feel its necessary.
Men confuse me. I confuse me too but guys are just so difficult at times. I give everything I have to every person I’m interested in though I’m unequally reciprocated for my efforts. Oh let me quit with the whoa me dramatics.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Live The Sheen Dream

Thanks to Charlie Sheen, I am officially #biWinning. I'm good for the rest of the 
week just off his shenanigans alone.

I'm bi-winning. I win here. I win there. #MotherFuckingCharlieSheen