Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Loves :)

i miss alan. i can say his name because im real like that. lol.. followers like me for my "blunt ass tweets". I can't help but to speak my mind.

And yes I miss Alan. I only saw him ONE time while visiting but it was well worth it. Everything else doesn't matter.

I really like him. I'd do alot for him-- just not ANYTHING.

Ugh if only things were different.

I really enjoyed my time with Meg & Jam.. Mainly Meg. Jam was with her boo lol.. While i was third wheeling with Meg & Demi..

We had a blast.

Thanksgiving dinner. Tequila. Margaritas.. nasty ass liquor/rum.. white wine. Bowling. Movies. Just genuine fun. Maybe i slept most of the week away but i reallly did miss my bitches. I love Megan. She's my girl for life. I'm always gonna be there for her. :)

God mother to her first born. bridesmaid. alllll of that. :)

So now taht I have to leave, its all bitter sweet.

Its good knowing that regardless if Im around the corner or across the country, we will still be "cool". Thats what you call a TRUE friend.

I may not have a LOT of those but the ones I have are pretty darn great. Im lucky. You should be jealous. :)



Im always in awwwkward situations. like tonight. lap dances?? umm excuse me.. how old are we now?? im 21. i dont need a lap dance from a frat guy just to get the "party" started. I just came down to socialize. If i KNEW this was the way this was gonna end up, trust i'd stayed on that orange couch and called it a DAY. ANYWHO--- Im really not a fan of guys touching on my ass and shit.. and i DONT like kissing. eww.

His lb was like ur not into this are you?? NOPE. Not at all..

Then he asked me why did i come?? like just to see you.. guess i was WRONG. ughhh.

I just hate guys. Boys. smh ima keep my game face on. said i neverr wanted to "fuck" him. hmm. well this MAY be true.. but yeahh. Ima keep this short & say you are sooo GAY.

"you see, u ppl will learn that i am NOT impressed by letters on your jacket. if i wanna rub on a dick, i have plentyy to choose from"

"i know im single and all but damn, NOT desperate.. smh. Bored-- VERY but i dont need to rub on a dick or get kissed on by guys i dnt like"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beyonce "Video Phone" feat Lady Gaga

So of course I have to review Beyonce's new music video to one of my favorites from the I Am... Sasha Fierce album, "Video Phone" featuring Lady Gaga.

First, I'm glad this video is bright with VIVID colors unlike her last five videos which have been muted or black&white.
The strut is killer in the opening sequence. Get it Bey!!
blonde bang & shades a lil rihannaish but still fly..
i think its cool how the guys heads are camera lenses and keep zoomin in & out of her- artistically different..

okay she is channeling her inner Queen. This is a classic gay man move "Leyomi ABDC.." & strippers do it too. the swing pony tail thingy bounce.. (1:00 mark)
She's such a texas girl :)
You see how intense her roll pops are?? thats how you keep ya man girlllll....

(1:43) Upgrade you video flashback minus JayZ.. she looks thinner too. All that touring has thinned Bey DOWN..

(2:02) This is the classic club move.. if any of my girls know bout that rump shaker move. You gotta do this on a guy. kills em. very easy.. especially if you have backs/cakes.. or just know how to rock that thang :)

I don't get why she has these toy guns tho. A lil awkward.. not needed. i hate this part

Lady Gaga's verse is a bit weak. I was expecting some pokerface/paparazzi/just dance-ish lyrics. guess not. ( Hubba Hubba?! REally bitch? uh uh... try again)

She looks pale and skinny next to Bey.. she's trying to dance it out tho. Nice effort. Kinda cute..

Bey shoulda had me in the video with her. I woulda KILLT IT!!!

catch that snide remark Bey threw @ gaga "turn you into a star i got it like that" in her JayZ face whilst glancin at Gaga?? okay just me huh...
(2:55) tiddy grab. *giggles*

I like how Gaga is doing her best Beyonce impersonation tho. Still i can do it better :)

Great video. I like it. Bey is just doing classic grind moves & showing you why Jay is with HER & not some groupie chick-- cuz Bey got it LIKE that..

"cuz when i miss yo call i hit you RIGHT back.." Jay has that ACT RIGHT (ahem listen to Teairra Mari's song by the same title. Good music.. i promise :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

A loserish ass ninniepoo

I hate that I have to do this but its the only way i can keep my sanity. & the last three ounces of my pride. Yes welcome to my pity party. :)

Anywho Im really upset at myself for actually thinkin that I could be with him. lol. shame on bee. I knew better. I know better.

It will be easy to get over you.. just kind of hard to get over the sex. Bc lets face it.. thats ALL we really had regardless of what you said. I mean.. I thought it was more.. but i was wrong. Boy was I wrong.

20% is what he found in me that was lacking in his relationship. I knew that. I wasn't dumb. But yeahh fell victim to the "what ifs" & "just maybes"

She's just a consolation prize Im sure (i hope =/) since i wont be near him he thinks.

oh well. Move on.

a loserish ass nigga. a loserish ass ninniepoo

Time to be your 21 again..

It has been quite some time since i last decided to blog my heart away... You guys KNOW I "be goin thru some thangz" lol.

Ok so lets get down to the bigger picture. What alllll you guys expect from me-- BRUTAL HONESTY. Lets start with niggas. Dumb ass niggas trying be.. the resurrection of the once defunct relationship/"thing" with 21-- who by the way is now 26... smh.

He relays a message to the informant that he has a new # & would love for me to call.. Of course I do! (what can I say... I cant help it. I get lonely sometimes =) All I say is hello and he instantly knows its ME. Hmmmmm... We chop it up & I get the infamous "Do you miss me?" question and i say yes like a dumbass. He then says he wants to see me (blah blah blah) & needs me to refresh his memory which to me means he wants to woohoo. Anywhoo, I finally grill his ass and ask him about his new relationship.. Umm ok. Lets just say that his old ass refers to his new girl as just someone who he is "talkin" to. Im like dude, you are a grown ass man- either you are together or you aint-- there is no middle ground. Its not HS where you have to lie to ur parents & say that ur not dating when u know u are! ughh. annoyance major.

I can not believe that 5/6 years have passed & he is still in the same spot. When I was 15 I thought he was the SHIT. He had a nice car. Good job. Well dressed. Hell yes he was that nigga. I was dumb & naive. Blinded by his age-- you know Jude/Alexz had that song "Time to be your 21" so i was like yeahh its our song once he turned 21..

But Im a tad bit smarter than I once was.. & I look at the shit he's saying now versus the shit he told me then. I believed it all then-- Not now. Umm I know its pretty serious with you and your new girl if you LIVE together-- she's met your kid & you've met hers. She felt the need to inform me that you two were together. Umm yeah you're not talking, you're TOGETHER. smh.

dumb ass niggas.. funny how i will always end up in these stupid ass situations. lol