Thursday, September 30, 2010

Less Talk, More Head

This is how I felt last night. Unfortunately I got ALL talk & no head. Ugh. He tried to kiss me too. For some normal reason I couldn't kiss him. Head turned. This always happens. I really wanted peen too. *sigh* but I guess I can settle for October? Yes. 

Elmo & Kat Stacks

lmao.. Elmo & Kat Stacks.. & her Kat/Cat.

Bishop & His Spiritual Sons

In regards to the Bishop Eddie Long hooplah: (Most likely my LAST public statement about the matter)

I dont see how any grown man is being taken advantage of by another grown man. I knew how to say no at 17/18. But then again it wasn't trips around the world in private jets. Yeah, to meet Beyonce... nvm. Really, a college student is sleeping with the Bishop & receiving free EVERYTHING?! Sounds like consensual sex to me. Yeah the Bishop is guilty of being "Gay" and using his money to lure young men but he didn't molest them.. (IDK maybe he did. Dont feel like reading anymore court documents & allegations).

I feel like these young men are only speaking out now because they were used up and tossed aside and found out they weren't the only one.. but i mean, isn't that what usually happens when you sleep with married men? Find out you're not the only mistress and then get upset about it? lol this is VERY reminiscent of the Tiger Woods fiasco.

Every mistress believes that they are special because this married man is choosing to step out of the sacred union with his wife with THEM-- until they find out about another mistress.

This is funny. El fin.

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

I'll just pretend like he wasnt caught with cocaine for a few minutes..

What Yo Name Iz - Kirko Bangz

I was doing my usual twitter shit & folks on my timeline started RT'n about some guy on the radio. Now I've seen the name thrown around a few times but I wrote him off as "another light skin rapper who looks good-- who just so happens to be from Texas". Like seriously, I've seen his name on blogs since I was a freshman at Spelman. I just wrote him off because I have this THING against rappers who don't rap about shit. Well, I must say that I actually LIKE Mr. Kirko Bangz (at least i like this song.. kinda wish it wasn't so auto-tuned out). I know, I know. Miss Anti-Rap actually likes a rapper who isn't Drake. Plus he's like cute, kinda in that "light skin college boy who all the girls like because he has hella tattoos" way. 

So his single is What Yo Name Iz. Find him on twitter (@KirkoBangz).. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ciara - Speechless

Beyoncé's Speechless > Ciara's Speechless

I hear the annoying Dream's voice in the background AND the beat is annoying. The song would be okay minus the Dream IMO. 

What If..

.. you died and found out that you were practicing the WRONG religion? Wouldn't you be pissed off? I mean, it wouldn't matter because you're dead but still.. You spent your whole life preparing for your afterlife only to get there and see that you didn't meet the requirements because a slight technicality?? You were the wrong type of Christian. Or you were a Christian but that wasn't the religion required?

It would suck huh?

I mean, all indigenous people (like the Native Americans and the African tribes) are supposedly in Hell right now because they weren't Christians. They praised different Gods. But my oh my weren't they spiritual!

Day Ten

Day Ten: One confession.

I have one confession. I purposely latch on to guys who live in different states because I have a huge fear of commitment. Of love. Of heartache. I put any guy near me in the friend zone so I won't develop feelings for them but as soon as I leave them for an extended period of time, I began to let my true feelings show.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


SMH. Bishop Eddie Long did it. El fin.

When Did Chingy release a new album??

Wait. Wait. Chingy sold 683 albums?? wait. seriously? six hundred and eighty-three?

Furthermore, what 683 people actually thought to themselves "Aye, that new Chingy album came out.. lemme go buy it"

Chingy's latest album title? Success & Failure. Oh the irony..

Wait a goddamn minute! So Chingy's latest single from his album features Lil Flip?? You've got to be kidding me.

Those were a collection of tweets from yours truly once I figured out how many albums Chingy sold. Like WHO KNEW he actually released an album on September 7th of this year.. lol. AND he has a song with Lil Flip on the album. Oh lawd. Lil Flipper? I can NOT make this up. I mean, our blog gets more than 683 views   in a week. I mean we get that many in 2-3days.

Another Reason Why Beyonce is Awesome

We do this SAME dance at every reunion, party, family function... Yeah. My shit :) I can so see myself hanging with Bey. Even though they did ONE part differently than how we do it.

Lil P-Nut

watch full segment on youtube

This kid is adorable! Very well-mannered and respectful. Love how he says "Yes ma'am" whenever Ellen asks him a question. It's hard to find anyone who shows respect nowadays. He's rapping about things that he knows "you can be my study buddy, teach me about social studies" lol. AND he's looking fore a nice 3rd grader who obeys her parents. too cute. I hope he enjoys his new Escalade ;)

Eff Small Talk

I absolutely hate small talk. I hate meaningless banter. Unless we text on a daily basis or I genuinely care about you, and you know it-- don't text me saying "What u doin?" unless you plan on saying you wanna hang out or you're inviting me somewhere.

I also hate guys that beat around the bush. Don't drag on an hour long text session just to say you wanna shag me. Just be like "Hey whats up? Im horny. Are you horny? If so, text me back so we can have sex." in ONE text.

I respond better to straightforwardness. I'm not 16. You do not need to pretend to care about what I'm doing or my feelings or act like you "like" me if your intentions are strictly physical. Save us both a lot of time honestly. Now this doesn't mean I'm really gonna just smash ANY guy just because they're blunt. This only means that I wont be utterly disgusted or pissed off that you came at me sideways. I'll hit you with the "lmao.. no thanks. try again later."

I know I aint a virgin, that dont mean I'm having sex with ya...

Because I'm SO blunt & open about sex, some guys choose to approach me as if I'm some common street whore. No honey. I'm still a lady & I expect to be treated as such. I've never had a one night stand because all of the guys I've had sex with actually liked hanging around me (besides a few ex's who now think i'm annoying & hate my guts... *shrugs*). Yes, we had sex & we weren't together but we talk all the time. Hang out. Spend the night. Cuddle. Watch movies. We're "friends".

Get to know me if you wanna get to know me, not because you want sex. If Mister hits me up like "lets have sex"... 70% chance that we will.

I wonder why its been XX months since I've had sex though. *_*

I'm a mess.

I hate small talk. Don't DM me "whats up" either. If you can't tweet me, then we dont need to converse. And dont hit me with the "everybody dont need to know what we talkin about". Eh pardona me! Basically you're insinuating that you don't want everyone to know that you're talkin to me as if you're tryna be sneaky. No you can't have my number. We have nothing to discuss. Plus you're afraid of small dogs.

Please. Not my type.

Day Nine

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.

*_* =]

Kat Stacks Vagina

smh. The smut wants attention, give the hoe some attention.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Church Folk Drama

In light of all the recent allegations of sexual misconduct between Bishop Eddie Long & three young men, I began to wonder.. I know, I'm always ranting about my religious beliefs and whatnot but whatever. Do some churchgoers praise their religious leaders instead of God himself? No matter what name you refer to your Heavenly Father as-- He is still God and your leaders are merely men with titles. Bishops, Priests, Pastors- whatever. It's just a title.

You cannot praise these people. You cannot think that they are on the same level as God. You cannot think that they're perfect. No man is perfect.

You do not need to attend a church or mosque or whatever to have a relationship with your God. You do not need to worship with others to strengthen your relationship with your God.

Whatever. I believe Eddie Long is guilty. He's so flashy. Of course he'd have some skeletons in his closet.

Oooh. Side note-- Remember in church before everyone had unlimited text and ish we'd pass notes to each other instead?? Just talkin about random stuff. Not paying attention to anything other than "What you doin later? What you do last night? Girl.. he's cute.. Do you see what Sister got on?" Ahh. The good ol' days.

When The Night Falls - Chromeo

Day Eight

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

1) Makes me laugh
2) Nice Smile
3) Big schlongs

Sunday, September 26, 2010

50,000 Tweets Later...

Damn. I believe I made my twitter account in February of 2009... Didn't start tweeting regularly until April though. Amazed that I've had 50,000 tweets. 50,000 quotes, thoughts, ideas, memories, and absolute ridiculousness. Welp.. Can't wait until I have 100,000 tweets. Doubt if I'll be on that long though. In two years I'll be married. Married women shouldn't tweet =]

Pedal Stool & Selves of Steam

pedal stool instead of pedestal & selves of steam in the place of self esteem. 

My people, my people. I'm telling you, "sounding out" words will be the DEATH of you. That doesn't get you beyond 3rd grade! How many times must I tell someone that there/their/they're are 3 different words that must be used correctly? or that write≠right?? buy≠bye≠by.. Ugh! English is so difficult. Homophones are horrible *_* so I'll give you guys a pass (sometimes). If you're interested in getting to know me or pursuing me, I advise you to throw away your slang handbook and give the good ol' English language a shot! 

Racism in America

SMH. Racism is still alive.. It will never die. We're all guilty of it though.

Day Seven

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

1) Bragging about what you have
2) Always being high/drunk
3) Smelly feet
4) Not being able to have an adult conversation with me. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Inspiration

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" 
 Marilyn Monroe
Sometimes Miss Monroe just speaks to me. Today I needed her and I remembered those wise words. My flaws and how I embrace them is what makes me beautiful. I feel as if I come off so crazy at times because MY MIND is so full of ideas and thoughts that need to be shared with the world-- I'm really a freaking genius! And
though I may come off as completely loony, I am quite entertaining and that's wayyy better than being boring.
"I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love." 
 Marilyn Monroe
Pretty self-explanatory. If you read any of my posts you'll realize that the one underlying them is LOVE. That's all I'm looking for; someone to love.

No Sex In The Champagne Room

I Love Nicki Minaj when Im Drunk

Rapping along to Nicki Minaj is the BEST thing ever! It's like playing dress up... only funner! *Legally Blonde voice* Like you get to do ALL of her crazy faces and change your voice up! OMG. Best.Thing.Ever!

I mean, you MUST ffwd through Trey Songz part on Bottoms Up to the 2:24 mark so you can hear Nicki and then you just go the EFF off! omg.. You guys should SEE me when this song comes on. Im all on stage as if I'm performing. As if I'm Nicki. As if I'm talking to Trey Songz like "Can I get that 'tron? Can i get that remy? can i get that coke? can i get that henny? can i get that margarita on the rock-rock-rocks can i get salt all around that rim rim rim rim Trey? I was like, yo Trey, do you think you can buy me a bottle of Rose'? Ok lets get it now..." [ahem, that part is ALSO my ringer for when you heauxs text me] So i get ALL into it right saying all loud & buck: "I'm with a bad bitch, he's with his friends. I dont say hi, i say 'keys to the benz'. keys to the benz? keys to the benz! motherfuckin right yea! b to the 10! if a bitch try to act cute ima stomp her. throw alot of money at her then yell FUCK HER! FUCK HER! FUCK HER! THEN YELL FUCK HER! then ima go & get my louisville slugger!" and im like all in some imaginary hoe face gettin buck nshit. So then I change up like a maniac & get all cutesy like "excuse me, i'm sorry i'm really such a lady. *bats eyelashes* I rep young money, you know slim, baby? & we be doin donuts while we wave in the 380 & we give a lot of money to the babies out in haiti..." I'm like soo "Do you like my body?! Anna Brittney!" 

Like. omfg. How can you NOT like Nicki. The chick is entertaining. I cant even talk about her alter egos because I have a few myself & I'm notorious for changing up my accent whenever I feel like it. 

75¢ for a CANNED drink?

Ugh.. I'm so annoyed. I remember when canned sodas were only 50¢, so now when I buy one i'm like "whyyyy am I payin an extra quarter??" Bottles were once only $1! Yes One funky dollar. Now it's $1.25 nshit. Shit blows me. 12oz of liquid for 75¢? Bull fucking shit. But I so just walked to the leasing office and got me a good ol' Dr Pepper. From now on I'm only buying fountain drinks or going to McDonalds and getting a large DP for a dollar. Score.

I Need Some Action

Other than Boombastic this is one of the only songs I remember singing as a kid (in the Reggae genre). I mean everyone knows "I need some action, tender satisfaction.. my chemistry is flowing can you cause a chain reaction?" I have no idea what the guy is singing as with MOST reggae songs. *sigh* If only Islands boys weren't so crazy I'd have me one a them right now.

But anywho, I'd like to say that I need some action. Like really, I need some action. Its been how long since I've had some good good?? Yeah. Forever and a day. This can't be the life! How hard is it to find a nice young man who can provide me with an adequate supply of orgasms? smh.

Ethnic Barbie


You see me right through me. How do you do that shit?
ahem.. notice im getting back skinny. 


ooooo ooooo oooooooh! My jam!

Antoine Dodson, we Salute you.

Bishop Eddie Long, You know you wrong..

yall aint right... 

Why Bishop? 

Miss Not So Pretty Pussy

yall still aint right... blasphemy!

Bwahahahaha... Hoes still fall for that "I want you to have my baby..." line so that dudes can smash raw?? Yall gon stay #losing. Now Maury?? #winning!


I'm the girl who saves EVERYTHING. I reread your texts over and over again because it makes me smile. I think of what I should have said back to you instead or how it would have came out differently if I didn't say that stupid thing I said. I think of why I can't see myself being with anyone else but you even though I know you don't care about me as much as I, you. You say you want me to come see you so that you can spoil me but you don't have to spoil me. I'm already spoiled. I just want you to show me the affection I yearn for. Shower me with your loveliness. Hold me in your arms and never let me go. I just want to lay beside you every night, and wake up to your face. I want to hold your hand. I just want to be with you. Gosh. Oh wait.. I'm not supposed to care though. Ugh, screw me for being so darn sensitive.

Day Six

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) 

1.) Megan - Spelman sis that I love dearly. Been my girl since Summer 2007. I mean, we bonded over SMH. =] 
2.) Alan - He's awesome. One of the few males I actually care about. 
3.) Tonya - I don't know how long we've been friends but I'm just now realizing how alike we truly are! lol 10+ years strong?? 
4.) John - My birthday twin & my homie. So alike. Its crazy. We may be soul mates but like the friend kind. lol
5.) Brooke - My BFF. Total opposites but that's why we "click". 

All these people are special to me because regardless of where I am, the relationship doesn't really change. We see each other or go without speaking for awhile, when we reconnect its as if we never left. I hope no one feels slighted in any way because they were left out though....

This isn't fair. I have way more people. Okay lets say this. Family doesnt count so mommy, daddy, sister, brothers & cousins--- You mean a lot to me but this is for my non relatives.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage Jay & Bey: 03 Bonnie&Clyde

Homie, Lover, Friend

The Homie/Lover/Friend.. this is that shit that has to end. If you're gonna be labeled, be labeled as ONE of the 3, not 2 or more. *sigh* You're the homie one day.. At times I think of you as my friend.. Occasionally I slip up and make you my lover. Why are you all of these things? You're never mine. Never belong to JUST me. Label you because... I mean, what else can I do? Fuck this isn't coming out as great as I originally hoped. When I first started writing, I thought I knew all the words and now I'm coming up a bit short. Fuck it. Stay the Homie & the Friend.. Erase the Lover? But that was when we were at our best. Or was it friends? Fuck it. You can just be the homie.


Fuckery on my Timeline...

Coogi sweater AND you countin 1s? smh. Facebook Fuckery.

 Introducing- Shauntal Pussiewillhugadick Johnson. You think I'm playing? Search for her on facebook. She's 28 yet looks 48. Black aint supposed to crack.
 She done put that baby in a cheap purse. I bet the inside smells like black n milds & old pennies.
 Poor lil brown babies. *sigh* Now I want waffles.
 Cover art for 'Ye's new single. Haute.
 Kesh is amazing.
hopefully they'll come out with the standard unit brand for us Americans who don't understand the metric system. *_*

 this is NOT myspace! You do not ask for comments. smh
"That's a good look" *Bey voice* 

This bitch is fuckin hot now. I don't like her but like I do? Something about Nicki. I could be her friend though. And I like the new single. #PinkFriday

Well damn. Better call Maury.

Oh Lawd.. Bishop Eddie Long..

Sweaty Lil Girl

I sweat too much and too easily. I can just be standing in a somewhat warm room and I'll begin to sweat. This becomes a problem when the sweatiness turns to stinky sweat. Gross. Its not really and underarm problem though.. just everywhere else. Pretty darn sad. I always end up with sweaty hair. Sweaty face. Sweaty back. Sweaty chest. Sweaty legs, thighs.. grrrr. Sweaty lil girl. I hate it. You cant put deodorant on your back or face or head! *eye roll* this is why I rarely wear makeup. does me no good! What can I do to keep from sweating? Help a sister out!
Yes.. this is my back after a night out *_*

see my face?! all shiny. smh

back, armpits, chest, neck, face.. every freakin where is sweaty. 

Thursday Night.

Thursdays are the shit in the Ville. We get drunk for free. Party for free. Dance for free. Show are naked ass in the great state of Texas. Oh yea, I slapped a guys tonight because he grabbed my ass. Not only did he grab it, he grabbed it multiple times after I told him not too AND said that he could grab it all he wanted. NIGGA! Do you not know who the fuck I am? I slapped him AFTER I scolded him, then I dared him to do something. Fuck broke ass niggas. You can't afford this ass. Please, be glad your lame ass can look for free.

Day Five

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

1) Lost my virginity.
2) Left Spelman.
3) Fell in love with him.
4) Cheated.
5) Quit My Job
6) Ignore my gut. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Moon

The sky was beautiful last night. I stared at it for hours. Couldn't believe that I could see Jupiter too! Yay!! I tried to take a pic but unfortunately I wasn't close enough to the sky for my funky phone to work. smh. 
Doesn't it look beautiful though?! Ahhhh.. I used to stare up at the sky when I was younger and think for so long that my head began to spin. I always asked "How much space is in space? Does it go on forever? Is it spherical like Earth? Will I ever get to travel into space? What does it smell like? Can I taste moon dust? Is there someone else staring at the same moon as I am right now thinking the same thing that I am?"
Yes I was a weird kid. Still ask myself those questions too. I often speak to the sky whenever I have one of my infamous crying moments. It helps free my heart from the sudden overwhelming sense of loneliness. At times I feel like no one understands me.. So I wander. Ahhhh. That went off on a tangent. I love the moon. I love the stars. I love the night sky.