Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's My Body Bitch

For as long as I can remember, someone has always tried to tell me what I could or couldn't do with MY BODY. From the government to strangers on facebook-- everyone has an opinion on women's body. Why?

It's my body so how the fuck is it your business what I choose to do with it? The most recent incident that's been going on in my simple life is the good ol' makeup debate. For some reason men, especially black men, have a problem with women wearing what they deem as too much makeup-- As if we wear it for them! They always feel as if you're trying to hide something or that somehow my makeup is going to make me a totally different person and I'll Catfish them.

I can pile on pounds of makeup and the only thing that will change is the evenness of my skin tone and certain features will stand out more. My red lipstick will not make me look like Rihanna... But it will make me look like Brittney with red lipstick.

I can spend as much of my HARD EARNED cash on makejup as I fucking want.

It's my body.

If you don't like makeup, that's perfectly fine... Continue to date your dusty girlfriend with the oily skin. Don't worry about why I use something other than "oil and lotion" for my face. Worry about why your mother looks like she's 100 years old while my mother is simply flawless.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


On The Run Tour in NOLA

On July 20, 2014 I traveled alone by MegaBus to New Orleans, Louisiana to see my soul sister, idol, the greatest entertainer Alive-- Beyoncé at the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome.
Since the I Am.. tour, I was never able to get tickets because of them either being sold out or I just couldn't afford them.  When I found out that ALL floor seats were sold out in Houston, I almost broke down. Then I realized that I could go see my idol ANYWHERE. A few people were supposed to go with me but of course everyone backed out. I was told that I was crazy to go to a concert in another state by myself! I heard about how dangerous New Orleans was (as if I've never been) but I didn't care. I went anyway. Spent entirely too much money just to have a hotel within walking distance from both the Super Dome & Bourbon-- And I saw my sister Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter on stage with her husband Jay Z from my floor seats and I got my LIFE. Easily the greatest moment of 2014. I know everyone else got married or had kids but I saw Queen Bey🐝.

when the rain ruined my fro i decided that Bey would get the ol' Bun

It was a big party in my section

Bey got BODy

I think I started crying during this part.. but it was a Bey cry. tears rolled but I kept my composure lol

The Carters.

One final look at the venue...

Now to Bourbon!

Palm Readings... what sparked my interest in Tarot

Hand Grenades 

I fell in love with Haunted that night.

FLOOR SEATS. I was sooooo freaking close. 

Yes. She did Partition. On the damn chaise! 

I still have my wristband. You know you're official when you get the wristband :)

I'm Here..

I know I said I'd write more but... my mind has been everywhere but HERE. So here's a few updates on mi vida loca.

I've recently begun venturing into the world of tarot cards giving readings to friends, family members, coworkers and even strangers online and over the phone. It's nice to finally be able to put my skills to use for the good of others. I enjoy helping people and I've made a nice bit of money doing it. So if you're interested in receiving a reading- is the best place to reach out to me.

Trying to cut out bread and sugar from my diet. Its HARD. Lost 15lbs so far. I need to do more though. Exercise and whatnot but you know how my mind is everywhere so thats a struggle. I lack focus but I have the drive.

I'm so over my job. The people there are so fake. I can't take it. It sucks being a black woman in my field but its only a temporary stop for me until i'm able to do what I really want and not have to but on an ugly uniform and be around people who don't want to see others do well. Stay tuned. I'll divulge into specifics in a later post. I promise, I shall spend extra time on my blog. Writing is my one true passion... Everything that I do comes straight from it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Beginnings

First I'd like to tell everyone who may possibly STILL read my blog, Happy New Year and I'm sorry. I've let Vividly Bland become a big pile of nothingness but lets be hopeful that 2015 will bring in more blog entries and more content for everyone to enjoy! I have big plans for building my brand this year. I have dreams of becoming a mogul and I believe I may finally be ready. Sometimes we stand in our own way. We are exactly where we are in life because we made the choices to be here. So no more excuses. It's time to work.

Towards the end of 2014 I had numerous conversations with my friends about our dreams and aspirations we had right out of high school. What did we truly want to do yet we were too afraid to?? Why weren't we out chasing our dreams? We have so much potential to do great things yet we settle for mediocrity. So I set out to do whatever it is that I put my mind to. Right now its: Tarot Cards.

I finally purchased my first deck of tarot cards and I have done about 4 readings so far. Apparently they were a hit because I now have more people asking where am I located and when I can give them a reading. I don't think I'm ready to do strangers just yet. I need to learn the entire deck and study each card thoroughly so that I can give an accurate reading with no awkward pauses. BUT I will say that my readings were very much on point. I know that some may view the cards as some evil black magic that is not of God but I feel like anything revealed to me through the cards are indeed messages from God to help the person I'm pulling cards for. Nothing I say will be anything that you don't already know or have thought about. Like pulling the Devil and Death card in ONE reading was scary at first but by the placement of it... I knew that there was nothing to worry about. No one is going to die.

So this year we will focus on developing our craft and doing exactly what we want to do. I feel that for the last 26 years of my life I have existed only to please others. Today, I am ready to move on and have fun. Cheers to a wonderful and successful 2015!