Friday, March 27, 2009

The Stalker Chronicles (Cont.)

So i'm sitting in the stairwell with a butcher knife thinkin he MAY get in and how i'm gonna kill him.. so after awhile.. He says like i'm not stalking you okay.. i just wanna see you. Umm NO.

Finally i just text him and let him know that if this continues i'm gonna have to take more drastic measures ie call the PoPO. Im not interested. I'm over whatever there was between us. Peace.. okay.

24hrs later, im stalker free.

I believe he thought i was just pretending. but im not.
it was entertaining. so vivid. now back to blandness

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Stalker Chronicles

So.. if you read any previous post you'd know about Tae, the "hood guy" I met back in January.. And then he turned into a stalkerish type dude.. Here is an account of what went down; ahem.

At around 10pm I get a text from Tae sayin Wat up baby. Of course I ignored him. So my friend came over & we were watchin "The Devil Wears Prada" when he texts again askin WHO IN YO ROOM?? WHO WIT U?? wtf.. oh hellll NO. So i ignored that too.. turned my lights off and freak'd out. Text'd him the followin morning asked what his problem was.. "i just wanted to see you..."

Ignored again.. Then once I'm home.. He calls.. while im textin so i accidentally answered. smh. So he's calling me baby. Telling me to come outside.. He just wants to see me. Give me a kiss.. Do you miss me?? Umm no, i don't miss you, i'm not kissing you i'm not coming outside. He knocks on the door.. Just answer.. I'm not at home.. (but i was) then he says yes you are, i see you peepin out yo window.. (i was not lookin outside..) So i began to explain to him that i was pretty sure their was nothin between us.. That if there was any attraction, its gone now. Everything was over.. He then said "We didn't decide on that, you did." its not over unless we said so.. Oh gosh no. He then invites me to Benihana's.. Anywhere i wanna go.. Baby give me a second chance.. Ugh hell no.

-- i'm tired of writing.. to be continued..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lady in the streets

So, this is the vid that me, emcee & jam made.
How fun..

Ughh.. so i really need to figure out what i want to do with my life.. and my hair.
a part of me wants to get a perm.. but i love this naturalness. So maybe weave is the only option.. hmm.. what do you think??

If i do get weave, i want big massive wavy/curlyness. Or a short straight look with a long bang in front. hmmmm...

So need to go shopping.. I wanna go out this weekend.
If i get in touch with ol' girl we'll def be on the scene.
Or i'll be running away from my stalker.. Yes my stalker
So this guy, Tae, gets mad cuz i didnt have sex with him. mmmkay makes me walk home at 2am in the HOOD (i only stay 5mins away from him but still not safe) yells out to me if i was gonna call him. Hell no. Anywho, the next day he blows my phone up trying to get near me.. Ahhh! no. Im over it. Blamed it on his hormones and recreational drug use. Anywho, Beezy left it. He knew someone else was at my house. sends the same text 10times in a row.. blahhh.
Luckily i told him there was no use tryin to get on my good side again. That me ignoring him was a sign to MOVE on not try harder.. he got the hint. I'm DONE. Kinda like with K.. He's really feeling that chick now i suppose. Lol. The one he always claimed as JUST his friend. Right..

My "boo" is coming to visit next month :) hahaha.Cant wait. Lets see what type of dramz this starts. Still having dreams of babies.. Someone i know is preggerz. Lets see who..

Waiting for Beyonce Ego video. On another diet.. Lol. I'm almost a 36C.. im an inbetween B/C girl. What a drab. Soo off to la la land.
i'm on twitter. Follow Me.

and don't forgot to read VB so i'll actually update.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cuddly swarming thing

1. Your name? Brittney

A) The un-preppy way to spell Britany or Brittany.

Brittney's so cool! VS. Britany's a preppy bitch!

B) a girl that is awesome

2. Your Age? 20

A) Bag of Weed, costs $20.00 dollars and is enough to make 4 fat joints.
--I know this dealer that sells 20's.

B) location or current status/activity
--what's your 20, fool

3. One of your friends? Tonya

A) an awesome person that is very kind and friendly to anyone and everyone. will go out of their way to help you out even if it means they somehow get screwed over. bubbly and cheerful, this person will brighten your day and make you thankful you got out of bed just for the opportunity to experience the wonderfullness they bring to your life.

joe: hey, how's your day been?
john: well, it really sucked.......til i saw i'm having the best day ever!!

B) tonie swain's real name

4. What should you be doing? nothing

A)Actually means "something," but is used when you don't feel like explaining.
Hey, whatcha doin'?
(clearly working on something complex and important) Nothing.

B) Nothing, put simply, is the deepest, shallowest, brightest, darkest, widest, thinnest, and incomprehensibly empty emptyness, so empty that it is only prevented from collapsing upon itself because there is no substance to collapsae in upon, or no substance to do the collapsing, or even any substance to think or daydream about collapsing upon abscense of prescense or prescense of abscense, which is still utterly and completely absent of form and shape and mass and prescense that is abscent from the existance of anything. In short, nothing is the total, absolute, final, and complete spot that is both positive and negative, young and old, and to sum it all up the opposite of everything in existance, for there is no existance in nothingness. It has even been thought that nothingness itself doesn't even exist, and that the existance of nothingness is so impossibly ludicrous and isnane that if anyone were to actually realize or see nothingness, the entirety of the expanse of the Everything would simply vaporize, leaving even more nothingness in its place.

5. Favorite color? purple

A) Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin.
Yo, you gotta come over and smoke, boy! I got the purple!

B) one of the key ingredients to Grape Drink,- Sugar, Water, Purple

6. Birthplace? conroe

A) Conroe, Texas. Conroe is home to less than thirty white folk and has a Little Mexico. Do not cross the railroad tracks in Downtown unless you want your car stolen or your wife to become someone's bitch. Aka: Cornrow. Hicktown. C-Town.
The Sticks. Rednecks-R-Us.

B) I don't have much to add except to say that, being from Conroe myself, the other definitions are pretty much right on. Oh - and it's also called "Dirty Roe" - because for some reason, Conroists (those who practice living in Conroe) like to brag about being dirty. It's a weird town man. A real weird town. It also has a blackhole-esque pull to it - meaning that if you don't get out immediately after highschool - you never get out at all. Those who do go back to visit have anxiety attacks immediately upon entering. And it kind of has it's own college. Apparently I did have a lot to add. Don't go there.
"Hey, where are you from?" "Conroe, Texas." "Where's that?" "Don't worry about it."

7.) Month of your birth? September

A) A wonderful month when the air smells sweet and the weather is perfect for the girls where to tight little sweaters that show off their curves.
I can't wait for september to come so we can play inthe leaves!

B) A month that falls later in the year. Usually looked down upon by children as it's the month school normally begins. Month that statistically more people marry in than any other month.
When the year falls into September, it's a peaceful time of year.

8.) Last person you talked to? Megan

A) A girl that is very stubborn but at the same time can be the greatest friend on the planet. She loves pizza and is absolutley gorgeous. She is loved by everybody and is fucking hilarious!
Megan is my best friend.

B) The most incredible friend anyone could ever have. She is incredibly beautiful both inside and out, even if she can't see it. She is absolutely hilarious, and extremely intelligent. She will be there for you no matter what, and gives you more than you deserve. She makes you realize all the good in life. She is your Sunshine.
Friend 1: I love Megan. Friend 2: Me too. Friend 3: I don't know anyone who doesn't love Megan. Friend 4: True story.

9.) One of your nicknames? Bee

A) Venomous yellow and black-striped insect responsible for the production of honey. Known for bumble and killer varieties.
Once I have finished with the humans, I shall begin my war against... THE BEES!

B)Black and yellow cuddly furry little flying Teddy Bears who fly around making jam and getting pissed on pollen which is well fun since they are shortsighted and tend to fly at you whilst intoxicated.
Watch out for that bumble bee, he has had a few and is heading your way!!!


I'm tired of not gettin what i want or deserve soo bee is taking that vow.

Its 2009 and you're still having unprotected sex? You're beyond stupid. Especially if you're in college.. I mean, they giving away condoms in the health center.. And don't say they too small. Most of you magnum guys really need to rethink it.

I'm soo over this. A is coming to visit in April. Im excited:) But we really don't have much in common..

B still texts but I think im falling out of like with him..

My boobs are gettin smaller again. Was a 36C for a week. back to the Bcup.

thats it g'night.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Save a Life

Today me, mea & w saved a life..
okay sooo all i did was sit out and direct the fire trucks to the right building.. But still I helped..
So as soon as i'm walkin in mea was like do u smell smoke.. and im like nooo but as soon as i came inside i smelt something burning. like paper or candles. i was like what are yall burning? of course nothing.. we could hear the smoke detector going off and we freaked.. knocked on the door below and thought no one was home.. sooo we called 911. Atlanta is sooo extra.. Five police cars were dispatched along with four fire trucks two emergency vans and an EMT all for one apartment. Anywho, after many failed attempts to knock the door down, they finally got inside to the man.. he coulda died.. it was sooo much smoke. scary..
i think he was mad they broke down his door but at least we're all alive.. whew.
so how do you save a life?? Follow your instincts and call 911. lol
basically we didn't want our apartment to catch fire being that it was right below us..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You're So Gay in March

I haven't been home since friday =/ but i loooove it. Jam's ma came to town and that meant GOOD eating aka Benihana & Houston's. Shopping.. Yay!! AND Hawks vs Hornets game.. where we had OKAY seats at first then some guy saw us and decided to give us his season pass tickets which were wayy closer.. like right behind the players.. GIDDY!!! :):) Soo yeah we had a blast..

Umm, sooo much funny ish has been happening. At the game, we got the VIP passes to meet the players.. Okay so there was a guy who was trying to sale the players Plates with Obama's picture on them.. Like really?? Hahahahah funny ish.

the most ignorant thing also happened before the plate incident. i get a call from Mr. Anonymous.. hahaha so as i pick up i'm like " why is [insert loser-face's name here] calling me? this is weird.. hello?" and he decides to go OFF like cussing and ish. smh. says he'll never call again inbetween the bitch & blah blah blahz.. soo yeah, how funny. Sensitive guys are a mess. Like, grow balls and learn that me saying why is HE calling isn't me stuntin.. its me generally wondering what this dude wants by calling when he usually texts.. smh

boys suck.

enjoying SB.
cant wait to be in my baby's arms soon :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

the little bitch that couldn't.. part 1

sometimes i feel like i'm TOO nice.. I try to solve my problems verbally without getting an attitude to actually get a resolution worked out but sometimes that doesn't work. I'm tired of being the bigger person and just laughing in your face because it indeed takes alot to make me mad.. Why must you be such a bitch all the time and say the same thing over and over again like i'm simple minded??

i'm tired of hearing such mess. i rather be in a bubble than within 100 miles of that ish. I can do soo much more.. I can be such a bratty little girl but i'm not.
I could destroy this little fairytale but i won't. ha. what a bitch.

so today i was with the Diva. she is AMAZING. I heart jam's mom. tomorrow hornets @ hawks game in atl. :)


Friday, March 6, 2009


I feel horrid :/
No dramz to speak on.
K still a bitch. A still a bitch. A is waaaaaack. E is eh..
B i miss.
I wish i was with him right now
Hawks bball game Monday wit Jam&Farin.
the day i lose my blindness :)
um my boobs jumped from a 34B to a 36C in a matter of days.. weeks?
Umm yeah. WEIRD.
They are huge..
I guess my prayers were answered.
Gabrielle Union said she was flat chested until her 20s
I am 20.. AT 18 i was a 34A. And proud.
now these bad boys are bazookas.lmao
i need new bras..
swollen breasts aren't hot..
umm twitter me?

aren't i cool?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brenda's Gotta Baby

What a week.
spring break... where am i going? Ummmmmm :)
Last night, I was with *Devon*. Fun times. YOu know i have a thing for hood niggas. ahhh. Wondrous.

Umm, My eyes are sore.. ughhh. I think i'm gettin sick...
anywho so my boobs are sore as well.. and a bit swollen. all side effects of the birth control. ehh weird. They are like Cs almost. Idk.. 34/36Bs are a bit snug.. like bulging boobs.

I am supposed to be visiting a very special someone in texas next week.. you know for spring break.. umm Yeah. So thats like the fiance.. I think he's trying to impregnate me.. that wont happen.

especially since i had the dream about the kid.. not once but three times. One dream I just had a swollen belly and I was sad bein preggerz and all. Then came the one when I had a newborn baby girl.. Baby was pale as shit.. (WHO da poppa?! lmao) but i wasn't with her father.. Ummm The lastest was a visit to the fu*fi's house & seeing a chubby 2yr old.. Umm yeahhh turned out to be a little boy who looked exactly like me.. wow.. umm okay. Weird. Guess thats my child

so whats with these dreams??
Do i want kids? NO! Why am i constantly having dreams about my future children.. Ugh.. so i'm careful... no kiddos anytime soon.

think im gettin sick. sorry