Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Need Your Help!

If you'd like to contribute to my blog or appreciate the content feel free to send to$BeeBook
This isn't me begging for money. You don't have to donate, but it would help me bring better content to you. I'm currently working on launching a podcast. I know it's easier to listen to a podcast than actually reading my thoughts out loud.

So I should tell you about the podcast 🤔 it's tentatively called Most Bomb. I'm working on it along with one of my longtime subscribers turned friend out of Chicago, Ashley. She's really dope and my Virgo sister. We will discuss relationships, dating in your 20s, horror stories with men, sex, and sex toys... Maybe even a bit of current events if it pertains to sex & dating.

Also, revamping my YouTube channel. I only have 1000 followers on there right now but I'm hopeful for more.

The worlds way more visual these days and I want to bring creative content to you. I want to create web series and whatnot. AND I'm finally back in school.

So yea. If you want to help me out, please. I am thankful for any and all who contribute.

I'm just happy you guys have been rocking with me for 10 years now. (Well almost)

Y'all stuck with me and I appreciate you.

Once I launch the podcast or YouTube channel, I'm hosting giveaways. I get so much free shit and I can teach you how to get free shit as well. I have all the Sephora gift cards man. Just tryna flourish out here without showing my ass even though I don't mind showing my ass if it looks good 😂

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