Monday, August 7, 2017

Dear Whitney Kimball

Dear Whitney Kimball, 

Fuck you. Yes.. FUCK YOU and fuck every other white woman who decides to write a think piece every single time Beyoncé posts a pic on Instagram. As soon as she dropped her pregnancy announcement, you were upset because it was "over the top" and "she isn't the first person to get pregnant". When she dropped the first pics of her twin blessings you once again scolded Beyoncé for making having twins look too glamorous and perfect. 

Now, this bored white woman named Whitney has decided to say that Beyoncé ruined roller skating. Why you ask? Well, Beyoncé uploaded a video to Instagram yesterday with the song Caroline by Aminé playing on a loop. More specifically the lines "she's a bad thing, fine as hell, thick as fuck..." since she's sporting a thicker body since delivering the twins in June. She's a bad thing, not roller skating Whitney! You're so dumb, Whitney! I swear, you white women are all so jealous of everything Beyoncé does. Any mediocre Sarah can post a million pics and videos of her twins Tanner and Paisley and you wouldn't bat an eye. You'd praise her for being some rare super mom for merely breathing. Now let Beyoncé post anything that you deem as perfect and she's immediately put on the chopping block. 

No one is going to explain anything to you, stupid Whitney, because you white women are obsessed with Black women simply existing. You don't understand the video because it wasn't for you to understand. It wasn't even hard for anyone with a slice of knowledge on music and pop culture to understand but you Whitney's are impossible to reach 🤦🏾‍♀️

Fuck you. Fuck every white Woman who decides to write a think piece about any mother just doing what 99% of mothers do on social media-- post pics of themselves and their kids. Can she breathe? Goddamn! 

Whitney Kimball, please kiss Beyoncé's perfectly round ass skating backwards. Suck on her perfectly orchestrated videos with pics of her hands and Black Magic tee. Get a big whiff of how she's embracing her seemingly normal SnapBack body post body (because she still has a stomach and wayyy more cake-- but you know since she was always in shape her body looks flawless even when it's flawed because she's Beyoncé and you're just a hater bitch)

Fuck you Whitney Kimball and stop being such a hater bitch. And fuck Jezebel for publishing that trash ass article. Please, let's give anyone a fuckin byline. 

A Loving Beyhive Member who is fed up with White Women hating Beyoncé for being the bad bitch that she is. 

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