Friday, August 7, 2009

no style.

Everyone always tells me I have to look "fierce" now that i have my frohawk. Like dress the part. Umm Do you want me to dress like my hair. I'm talkin Olsen twins ish. Or some african ish. Idk. I dont care. clothes dont excite me. Nothing excites me. but paint does. I love it. I wish i could make my own clothes. Tomorrow I'm wearing a Brittney original. No glitz or anything. Just something that I like to wear. My dress. My ish. My style. Not something that somebody else says is hot. Ummm i have no reason to walk around Huntsville like I'm walking the streets of NY & LA where paparazzi is lurking. NOBODY is lookin for me. I wear my work clothes. Long shorts/jeans & a beater/plain shirt. Thats me. its comfy. I'm not here to impress everyone with my style. I dont want some guy to take me shopping. I dont care about clothes.. Everything that I see its not MY style. Fuck it. You want me to pretend ima superstar? I shall. Tomorrow. Mini dress. Big Shades. Juicy Fro. AND Boots in summer. Booooooyahh

I wasnt even trying to be like everyone with my frohawk. i just wanted my hair braided up.

I have to do something to it other than wear it ALLL over my head. smh oh well

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