Friday, August 7, 2009


This is why people scream "Oooh your hair would be sooo pretty if you just flat iron it out or something.." So I straighten my bangs and they say, "OOh you got GOOOOD hair!! I aint know you had hair like that" cuz you know the fro looks vicious :)

So I do this to show that yes. My bangs are pretty. Thats about it. I prefer the fro... Why? Because Its impossible for the back to get straight. I mean it will but it looks shitty. Busted. and NOT silky. Even though only a cowash and skinny serum is on my head daily. smh YOu want proof? well take a gander. You see this? Its all one big poof. Humidity hates curly hair. I use sooo many products to get it to LAY down but it just sticks STRAIGHT up when I flat iron or press. I do a curl? Well this is the curl. STRAIHT up, LIFTED roots, then curled ends. At least I have body.

This is why i prefer the fro. :)

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