Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Should Childless Women Under 25 Date Men with Kids?

(from Necole Bitchie)

I've been faced with that same dilemma and I honestly don't know.. There is always the possibility of drama but even if you're over 25 without kids I'm sure that probably wont change either. Just depends on the situation =/

I have a problem with sharing my time.. and when he has a kid, his free time usually goes to "daddy time". He works 40+hrs a week, and his weekends belong to his kids, when will he have time for you? That's the only issue I have with men who have kids. Baby Mama drama is another issue. There usually isn't any unless he's still somewhat involved with her... Then there's the issue of if YOU'RE ready to play the mother role. Although this child is not yours, you may be responsible for him at some point. At 22, I feel as if whoever I'm with now should focus solely on me and not someone else, even if it is THEIR child. I know that may seem selfish but Id devote my all to him, why can't i expect the same from him??

Unfortunately, the one I want has a kid. Very young. Goes against every rule I placed on MYSELF... Should I disregard my feelings for him just because he has a baby? Its not fair to me.. but I can't help who I love... *sigh*

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