Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From Window Seat 7E

I write this somewhere over Texas.. I’m on my way to NYC to see someone very special. Anywho, for some odd reason I’m very nervous. I know, I know.. I’ve known this person for years but I’ve never spent a whole weekend with them. Alone. Just us two. This can get pretty awkward. I got breakfast this morning & couldn’t eat ANYTHING.. I just let it sit there. My stomach is in so many knots. lol. I’m sooo dramatic. I had planned on doing so much shit before I boarded the plane and I did NONE of it. lol. I’ve been too damn busy working. NO off days during the week. get off at night. Budgeting was wayyyy off so I ended up spending way more than originally planned. Just spent $150 on a camera. Nikon of course. Dude kept trying to sell me a cheaper samsung camera but I refuse to get anything other than canon or nikon. I know, label whore-ish but I’ve had MANY cameras in my short life and I’ve found that these two are the best. =]

Seated in 7E because the flight had sooo many empty seats =]. I’m singing “so can I get a window seat? Don’t want nobody next to me…..”. I’m happy, I think. I’m leaving behind a few stresses. My hair is tamed today.
I’m very much confused about what I want… In life & every aspect of it. I keep changing for others but I don’t want to..even though I feel its necessary.
Men confuse me. I confuse me too but guys are just so difficult at times. I give everything I have to every person I’m interested in though I’m unequally reciprocated for my efforts. Oh let me quit with the whoa me dramatics.

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