Friday, April 13, 2012

Natural Hair Nazis

I woke up this morning planning on purchasing new products for my naturally curly hair. As always, before I decided to buy I READ allllll the comments/reviews women left about each product. That's when I noticed it---  some naturals do NOT love their natural texture! *Gasps* Could it be that these super naturals are actually trying to buy products that will somehow magically turn their hair to look like the little mixed chick with the perfect spirally ringlets on the advertisement? 

I literally died from laughter. These women are upset bc they expected their hair to look curly, not nappy. smh. You'd think that after doing the Big Chop & working with your hair for at least a year, you would realize that no product can turn those naps to curls. And that is perfectly fine. The same logic applies to women with wavy hair. That curly pudding will not turn those waves to spirals either. 

Sometimes natural women are too obsessed with "curl patterns" & defining them... If you dont have curls naturally, no moisturizer will help.Get a texturizer or relaxer or something. Obviously your natural hair isn't what you wanted. sheesh. That's why these heffas wet their hair everyday. Relentlessly trying to get that "wet n wavy" look. Then slather on gel or some $40 creme that they think will magically turn that fro into a head of bouncy curls. Seemingly blind to the fact that those products are supposed to elongate curls & eliminate frizz--- not create a curl pattern your ass doesn't have.
Let's be real.. you went natural because you thought that your hair would look a certain way. And now it doesn't so you're MAD... but pride won't let you relax it again.. so you must spend $100s of dollars on products that you assume will turn your hair curly--- and unfortunately that will NEVER happen.

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And the church says Amen!