Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm Here..

I know I said I'd write more but... my mind has been everywhere but HERE. So here's a few updates on mi vida loca.

I've recently begun venturing into the world of tarot cards giving readings to friends, family members, coworkers and even strangers online and over the phone. It's nice to finally be able to put my skills to use for the good of others. I enjoy helping people and I've made a nice bit of money doing it. So if you're interested in receiving a reading- is the best place to reach out to me.

Trying to cut out bread and sugar from my diet. Its HARD. Lost 15lbs so far. I need to do more though. Exercise and whatnot but you know how my mind is everywhere so thats a struggle. I lack focus but I have the drive.

I'm so over my job. The people there are so fake. I can't take it. It sucks being a black woman in my field but its only a temporary stop for me until i'm able to do what I really want and not have to but on an ugly uniform and be around people who don't want to see others do well. Stay tuned. I'll divulge into specifics in a later post. I promise, I shall spend extra time on my blog. Writing is my one true passion... Everything that I do comes straight from it.

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