Saturday, April 16, 2016

Maybelline Matte + Poreless #FitMeFoundation

I love my Maybelline matte + poreless FitMeFoundation in the shade Coconut. When you are a brown skin girl, it's very difficult to find drugstore foundation in YOUR SHADE. Usually there's 12 shades of beige and then you have 3 dark shades you must combine to find your hue. I've always fell right in between shades- like most things in my life. Lol I was so scared when I found out that Influenster chosen me for the fitme voxbox. The last time I received foundation in a voxbox it was about five shades too light and that was the token brown shade! 😩 I was devastated. I ended up using it as a highlight once and it's currently under my bathroom counter in makeup purgatory. So, the cons are... There's no pump so you're losing product at times. There's no such thing as a matte foundation! Lol, eventually you will be shiny in that t zone but it's really on par with my MAC studio fix fluid foundation. Save $20 and go with FitMeFoundation! Now let's look at my flawless face 🙃

I received this item free to test from Influenster and Maybelline as a part of the Voxbox program. 

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