Wednesday, January 25, 2017


So... I started wearing wigs instead of getting sewins because I'm HORRIBLE will keeping a style for that long. Versatility is fun. I'm tired of dyeing and cutting my real hair (which is still natural). 

Oh yea, my makeup skills have improved SO much. Dropping niggas who don't like you wearing hair & makeup will do wonders for your face. I'm just trying to continue to glow in 2017. 

I realized that I have virtually no current pics on this here blog. Damn. 
It's mainly due to the fact that I'm always blogging via my iPhone 6s+ and I rarely hop my ass on my laptop.

Here's my face though. If you want makeup details and all that jazz I guess I can review products too even though people rather watch youtube tutorials. I aint got a fancy camera, lighting and cute backdrops yet so there's that. 


Outre Tess

Brazilian Curly 

Brazilian body wave

Freetress Kitron

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