Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Hair

I'm a bit done with Wash-n-Gos.. I've finally perfected the dry twist out.. I know see that my hair HATES tiny twists.. it just gets tangled and matted.. and looks gross. Especially since my hair is a bit on the "thin" side... So.. I grabbed my day old wash-n-go hair, and finger parted it down the middle.. then proceeded to make three big twists on each side (using some old elasa qp mango butter i found when moving) After twisting, i went over each twist with a mix of jojoba & hemp seed oil... then added a bit of shea butter to the ends.. My hair is ALWAYS dry. I put on my bonnet, and went to bed. woke up the next morning, untwisted, fluffed, donned a headband and........ magic. I had big bouncy hair. Everyone loved it. Especially since i had a horrible weave for a week...

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