Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Love?

I'm ALWAYS there for you... Even when the shit was hurting me too, I put my emotions aside just to be a FRIEND to you & listen.. Have you ever listened to a guy talk to you about another chick that he's trying to be with & you're like "... but i'm PERFECT for you.."

You'd think that someone as open & honest as me wouldn't have these issues...I only asked for you to be honest with me. Let me know when feelings have changed. Not to play with my emotions. Just.Dont.Lie.

You can't seem to see that though. You rather string me along... Well I can't do it any longer. Countless hours of wondering if ONE day shit will change. It's been years, nothing has changed.

Now I must begin the slow, arduous process of deleting you from my life.
Please release me... PLEASE release me! Give me back my heart.

I just want to be happy. 

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