Saturday, June 25, 2011


Drake has been releasing a LOT of shit lately.. & he is definitely tryna put The Weeknd on. I'm excited. I looooove this sound.
Trust Issues:

So Drake released a track called "Marvin's Room" last week as well.. about a drunken phone call to an ex *sigh* Been there done that. Right after that too female versions were released by JoJo (who LOVES covering Drake) & Teyana Taylor..... You decide which version you like better but Teyana shot a video to hers.........

I'm just waiting for the FIRST official single to "Take Care".. every time Drake tweets some vague shit, i think he has a song coming out & that's a lyric to it.. & usually i'm right. Ahhh Aubrey, who hurt you? Let me mend that broken heart...

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