Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lonely Autumn Nights

Have you ever felt like dying? Have you ever honestly wanted to die because you just couldn't deal with life anymore? Have things ever been so overwhelming you figured the only way to have SOME type of escape was to take your own life?? I hate to admit it but I have. I honestly feel like I wouldn't be missed if I died. Sometimes I think that no one would care if I didn't speak another word.. or wrote another blog.. or tweeted anything ever in life. I know that's really pathetic but it's true. I know I have people who love me.. I know that. But that still doesn't change the fact that I feel very much alone in the world. I honestly have NO one I can talk to. I thought that twitter would be useful but every time I get in one of my moods I'm accused of being an attention seeker. I just want someone to listen. I can't live with these thoughts in my head anymore. Shit literally hurts me. My only escape is writing. I just get so overwhelmed with life and I know I can be doing so much more.... and I'm not doing it. I just feel so alone.

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Anonymous said...

You are special.<3