Sunday, October 12, 2008

you're just a boy..

soo.. why do i only seem to attract guys who ALREADY have girls??


like everyone who i'm attracted to has a girlfriend already..

ugh. it sucks!

Where are all the single MEN hiding?

have you heard the new Beyonce?? If i were a boy is my fave.. love it. single ladies can eat it.

midterms are this week. struggling is the key word here.. smh
this sucks.


oh yea,

i like a boy.. a boy likes me.. but i rather be single.
yeah. i'm a loser.


the jamaican has a girlfriend.. LMAO

i know right?! how did that happen?? hmm
no hard feelings though;
me and him can still be friends.. i swear.

i'm done.


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