Tuesday, October 21, 2008

like a boy..

snip snip..
yes you heard right..
i've cut all my hair off..
chop chop..
but i mean, it was coming, did you see it coming??
i did..
i mean.. I'm trying to get it back to a healthier state.. soo yeah
its all gone..
but i kept my bangs..
sucks cuz she didn't cut it how i wanted it cut..
but I'm glad she did what she had to do..
its a little reminiscent of rhianna but i'm okay with it.
everytime live your life comes on everyone looks at me..
or take a bow.
but yeahh
its all gone..
feels good..
like a release..
i'm finally free :)
but yeah other than that..
life is good.
its homecoming week.. thats bout it.

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