Friday, October 17, 2008

dear lie; you indeed suck.

Friends. But not the typical 'friends' like i call my girls Teri & Tonya~ or my ATL friends; Emz, Jamiere & Mea--
The type of friend in which you give wayy more than you receive. Why do I need a friend like that? That's why I don't think I want 'friends' anymore :)
Because if we're gonna be FRIENDS then we must conduct ourselves in a 'friendly manner'. Ahem, strictly friends.. and of course WE must tell each other EVERYTHING.. Because me and my friends have NO secrets :) :) :) hehehe!!!
Anywho, i'm done with that.. I still like *** and i can't wait until i get home in november so i can see him :) :) :)
ask me why Otis called me the other night~ hahaha, hilarious. Dude needs to know that I.. never mind.
Ahhhh! I made a guy freak out; i have skills.
yes.. I know. I'm finally accepting things for the way they truly are. I'm accepting that my body will not be like anyone else that I know because genetically speaking I am not meant to be a size 0-7 .. I have hips & thighs.. and butt. So these curves are somewhat hard to cover up.. I'm cool with not being typical.. Its easy for me to get back to that size though but the process isn't worth it. Someone is always gonna say, "oh well if you did THIS, then you'd be badd" WTF?! BADD?? wow.. dude i look fab regardless of my weight cuz i work it no matter what :)
AND who wants to cut out the tasty food from the diet? I like fried & fast foods.. Salads are gross. As long as I eat meat, my ass is staying.
But we're toning it up =] i shall be showing off my bod all year.
oh and my boobs are still growing. gross. if i get into a C; i'm crying..cuz big boobs & ass start to look a bit porn star ish.. and i'm already a lil chubawub soo stackishness is not gonna help the look.
tomorrow i'm cutting all my hair off.. :) i mean, its not too much more to chop off.. i've been cutting off lil bits and pieces since i came out here.. i was gonna start all over and go back natural.. but umm yeah, i realize that my hair is really thick without a relaxer soo yeah.. its coming off so i can just get it back to its naturally permed state :)
so umm any suggestions? i already have ideas.. some rhianna inspired crop but not quite.. umm i'm thinking more of a tia mowry look.. mixed with a little kelis bossy. hmmm
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