Friday, October 3, 2008

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So for the past few years I have been questioning my OWN religious beliefs. I have always wondered why there were SO many different religions in the world and if "Christianity" was even the right one.. What if we're all really supposed to be worshipping the sun God or something? What if I die, and go to "heaven" and realize that dang.. this is NOT what the bible said.
I just need answers. So, as I came to Spelman I was exposed to different cultures and ideologies and philosophies so I have a chance to think for myself. I never liked going to church when I was younger. I always felt that it was weird to sit in a building and listen to a "fellow sinner" tell me how I am supposed to live my life only to find out that he was doing more wrong than I ever could. And why are there so many different types of christians?? How am I supposed to follow something in which there is not really any basis of it being TRUE other than what some white man chose to include in a book for us to read. Some sources even say that many gospels weren't included in the bible.. Hmm.. interesting.
And if God created the earth in 7 days, who created God? How did he come about? How do we know that its a He? Why aren't women playing a dominant role in the bible?
I believe that religion was created just to CONTROL people. Rulers needed a way to keep people in line and in order by telling them if they did THIS, the consequences would the THAT. Or they wanted to appear smarter than everyone else so they had to make up stories and explanations as to why certain things happened.
And if we all can agree that Africa was the birthplace of civilization, then we can also agree that the Africans were practicing there own form of religion before the Whites (ie: all non blacks, africans, conquerers from Europe) came and introduced Christianity to them. You see, it all goes back to the White Man's Burden Ideology; that it was the more civilized white's/european's job to come to Africa and help us become civilized and accept this Christian faith because the Africans didn't know any better.. They were still living primitively!
What in the world is THIS? Why should I have to believe some religion that these looney obviously power hungry europeans forced my ancestors to accept 100s of years ago??
Plus, i believe that the bible contradicts itself alot. And I don't believe that if God loved us all so much, why would he condemn all of us "non-believers" to Hell?? Shouldn't he forgive us in death once we have realized that maybe we were mistaken, maybe this was the real deal?!
And alot of christians just aren't the best people in the world. they still kill people and rape young girls and committ all of this wrong doing in the world and they think that just by asking GOD to forgive them, there forgiven?
And they are GAY which the bible is strictly against, yet still be up in the church every freaking day praising him like they are holy and saved? If you believe in this bible then you would know that your lifestyle isn't "right" according to it.
I have nothing against gay/bisexual/lesbian/transgender etc.. I have very close friends who are gay or just curious. I don't think its wrong, but the bible says it is. And if you believe in the bible, why would you still be gay? Unlike other sins, some believe that you can't help who you like or who you're attracted to so will my gay friend be banished from Heaven because they fell in love with the wrong person?
If I live my life to the best of my abilities as a non christian, and I don't do any wrong to anyone; I help those in need; I am always fair and just and never once do I steal or Kill or commit any of those major sins; I will still go to Hell because I believed in Allah and not God. Or I worshipped Buddha or the Goddess Osiris or whatever..
Of course, I know that you may want to know what my beliefs are. I am not ATHEIST because I do believe in a higher being, I just don't know if its the God that most of you believe in. So that would make me Agnostic.
I do believe that there is a purpose to my life and I am supposed to do "something" but I also believed that some aspects of my life have already been pre-determined, like my birth and death dates. I know that there would not be people and animals and all of this in the world today if there wasn't a greater purpose. And I don't believe that we will cease to exist after death. I believe in an afterlife.. maybe not Heaven, but an afterlife nonetheless.
You can try to change my philosophy all you want, it doesn't bother me. I believe what I believe. =]

hate it or love it..
we're all going to die anyways :)


subspencious said...

Well, yes I asked many of these questions when I was much younger. However, one thing I learned about the bible is that most people look in to find only what they was looking for...and even worst no one likes the idea that their interpretation could be wrong. I noticed how its funny when ever it comes to European beliefs they call it a 'Religion' but when it comes to African and Asians they call it a "Philosophy" or "Mythology". Hell would you believe it if told you that all religions of today, are really nothing but retold stories over the last 10,000 years from Ethiopia. Hell the according to most older religions Adam (Atum) himself was a god. Of course the Arabs were conquerors like their European cousins and the conquered Egypt (with the rest of north africa) and try to claim our heritage as they own. Hell if white & arabs had sooo much culture then how come they don't have fokelore, stories, hell not even people who know what the fuck happened. Known damn well the people on them However to make a long explination short....

Europeans and Arabs Lie. They crate these religions as a means to control people out of Fear and not Trust. If you read the bible, Quran, or any other religious text with a good dictionary on hand. You will find out that the importance isn't what stories are told. is if you understand the theme. It seems the more "Religious" people get the more against the theme they become.

subspencious said...

Oh yeah P.S. No where in the bible does god ever say homosexuality was a sin. Sodomy was. Rape was. Most people think sodomy is purely anal sex...when in reality it is a umbrella term for any well nasty or indecent act.

Hey, don't take me word for it. What happened to all those people who murdered people for being gay...oh yeah thats right god killed them all. lol. A little piece of fun trivia. I loved this blog I think I am gonna subscribe once again now that I am actually reading it lol.