Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stupid Ass Girl Syndrome *SAGS*

SAGS. I've coined the acronym.. its mine :)

There has been a whole heap of sags ish going on the the "world" today, ahem Cassie & Rihanna. Yes both girls have had nudies leaked of them this week.. Obviously they were taken for a "special someone" and once the relationship soured, this is the outcome. Mad ex's response to an ego scarred?? Ruined reputations.

Of course, I kinda know about this first hand. I've had a few of my own brushes with SAGS but i'm somewhat cured now. I was having fun.. being young, and of course cameras are fun. Snap snap. So easy. Ha.. of course friends saw but that was just my ass in some panties. Not all that bad since its as much cheeks you'd see if we were at a pool.

Its soo easy to be taken advantage of by a guy though. We've all been away from our boo and he asks you to email or send pics to his phone. Once you've sent those pics, they are NOW OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE POSSIBLY. Even worse if you're a celebrity.

So ladies be careful. Lol. Here's a tip. If you really must make a lil video umm keep it on your laptop or something. And.. only send a titty shot if you don't care if ur nips are out for the world to see :)

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