Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sexual Favors

Its no secret. I'm a very sexual person. Its obviously pretty evident from just looking at me or something because I always get Honesty Box comments and random messages from people saying the SAME thing. I don't apologize for it just because it is what it is I guess. By nature, we are all sexual beings. Or at least the people I know are. Some are just more vocal about it than others.

Me, I guess I fall in that vocal category. I know i'm not a virgin that don't mean i'm having sex with ya (courtesy of Claudette 4rm City High).

Some are so quick to judge other just by what you find is not appropriate. I hate when girls act like they DON'T give oral sex to guys and front about it when I know & have evidence that they have indeed given head to more guys than just that "one" who they were with for YEARS. Hahaha come on, be serious. If you do it, you do it. If you don't want to talk about it just be like umm that's none of your business and keep it moving.

I don't understand why some guys still won't give oral to girl unless she's WIFEY but still expect you to do the favor for them. Umm NO. I'm like a guy because I prefer receiving.. and not returning favors. But anywho...

Why is sex still such a taboo thing?! I feel that any person should be able to openly talk about sex without feeling that some guy is just going to think that SEX is all they want. Wait that's my problem.. I don't even talk about sex in public at all really.. Barely converse with guys about it.. But I still get people looking at me in a sexual way thinking that ALL i want is sex when that's not Bee at all. I do want to be in a relationship, monogamous relationship that is. I just have yet to find a guy who actually likes me because I'm a freakin genius, superbly witty, and am a genuine cool ass chick to be around.

Lately the only guys checkin for me are those who i've already labeled "just a friend". maybe i should OPEN my eyes to these guys even tho I may not be that attracted to them cuz u know the basis of a good relationship is suipposedly friendship. WTF ever..
lol I'm just tired of putting up with bullshit ass guys. Dudes who lie on their penal sticks. Dudes who are cheating on their girlfriends... ughh..

That's why I'm single. 90% of people cheat in my eyes. "Everybody cheats but you gotta know how, you gotta know when & you gotta know why.." I'm so sick of Dudes playing with girl's emotions. Or ANYONE playing with anybody's emotion. Like why would you say all this ish like "i love you" if you don't mean it. "i wanna be with you". "I feel that you will one day complete me".. & then when i open up to your ass you say you don't think i'm ready?! ha.. right. Ur just like a freakin lame-- sayin what u think i wanna hear just to be like nahh we not ready 2 take that next step when i come around. lol. silly boyz.

And i'm soo mad at guys/ex's who haven't hit you up in months/weeks/days/years or however long but randomly do one night just to see "What's up". You know what they want. They won't get it. Ughh done ranting.

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