Monday, May 4, 2009

I Bet U think this blog is about u? HA.

I've been quite the little sickling lately. I'm talking intense body pains throughout the night. So bad that I can not do anything but scream out in pain. I'm better now :) thank god.. still can barely hold down food but we're making progress.

My awesome fam bam will be here in a couple of days. i'm sooo freakin excited to see them. I love them more than ANYTHING!!! Plus that means I can get away from mighty mouse. You know the girl who hides behind expensive bags and cheap shoes and a horrible weave?? But thats all i can say about her.

I shall miss Emcee & Jam. They are the only girls I could EVER tolerate in the world besides Tootie. (and if u KNOW bee, you know i hate girls-- which is why most dont' like me since i'm always with guys. jealous slores) I'm seriously considering going to visit one or both over the summer. Prob take a road trip when daddy gets me a car :) woooot!!!!! But i heart those bitches. So entertaining. and not ridiculously fake. Which is truly hard at Spelman. Yeah i know i talk shit about ppl, but i do it because they deserve it. NOt to bring another person down. HA. and if i say anything bout them, or critique them its out of a respectful place/ vice versa.

Some people are just horrible at being humans. Get mad because you delete them from your friends list on facebook but swear they aren't upset. If u weren't upset then why are you bringin it up? And how would u know that we're not friends if u weren't being super nosey dissecting every single status i write tryin to figure out WHO i'm talkin bout?? lookin for shit that aint there. making mountains out of a molehill. from ONE status- I can't wait until MayDAy; which meant: I can not wait until that day in May when i get to go back home to Texas. Why? My family whom i haven't seen since January. Whataburger. Hangin with the oldies again. Having my mother COOK every freakin day.. Not having to buy anything!! uh yeah-- mini vacay until June smh.

but thats it. some people just want the attention. would die without it. sucks for them. hope they die a slow and painful death. Damn that wasn't nice.. but then again "..i'm not a nice person.."

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