Thursday, September 17, 2009


Im 21. Actually it doesn't feel that grand. Maybe because I haven't really celebrated it.. Im sober. I can't believe certain people umm "forgot" but we'll deal with them another time. Like I was so excited for their birthdays but when my special day comes you can't even send a text?? Not ONE text? NOTHING? Did you really forget?? Im kind of happy this happened.. At least my real friends didn't forget. Im sooo over these losers. Im done with the rants..

I just know who is in my corner with me. I like it this way..

All the times you called me crying about bullshit and I sat there and listened for hours-- and you can't even call or text to say TWO words. Happy Birthday. Happy Bday.. NOTHING..

lol. soo typical.

im over it.

you'll need me soon. im not dealing with you anymore. my brother was right. should have listened. over it..


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