Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday sex

I've never had sex on my birthday.. and I dont have any desire to either.. Im like this, Even tho the song just kinda came out, birthday sex will never replace a gift.. thats just for all you cheap pervs.. umm i can sex anyday.. jst bc its my bday doesn't make it any more special.. unlesss im gettin paid and that makes it prostitution soo no go.

Im not picky. I'll take any gift. Im gracious for all that give me something become you dont have to.. A card is sufficient.

But dont try to give me sex. Are you gonna do something different during sex or something?? cuz ive pretty much had all of the great things done to me. nothing you can do that'll blow my mind.

sex isn't something new to me i jsut experienced last night.

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