Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Two Year Journey: Part 1

I've proved that you can grow long hair. I've proved that you don't need to relax your hair to make it more manageable. I've proved that kinky curly coily hair can be professional/formal/sexy. I've proved that you don't have to be mixed to rock natural hair.

... and I feel as if women are finally learning to embrace what God has given them. You don't need a 20inch weave to stand out & be noticed by men. You don't need all the makeup that MAC can make to be beautiful. You can be beautiful in your own skin.

There are some men who HATE natural hair. They think its not combed. How many times a guy has told me I'd look so cute if my hair was straightened. Or why won't I get a relaxer. Hell, even women came at me with some sideways "you're not mixed--" blabber jabber as if my black hair isn't good enough to be seen in its natural state.

I just wanted the healthiest hair possible. I've made my mistakes of course but I'm still here with my fro. I didn't give up. I stuck it out even when I didn't think that I was my former self... I was lost for so long but I actually found myself-- with the help of my hair.

I still am on a journey. It's a crazy road man. I'm closer to my dreams though & that's all that matters....

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Jessica said...

lol to the "you're not mixed" comment. you have actually pretty curly hair... definitely curly compared to most naturals.

keep on rockin' it! for every diss you get, there are three other girls who are considering to make the chop when you walk by