Friday, April 8, 2011

Jhené Aiko - Sailing Soul(s)

My newest obsession?? Jhené Aiko . Yes I remember her as the cousin lil sis or whatever from one of the B2K boys back in the day.. She had this song "No L.O.V.E" that I randomly blurt out--- "Who da hell is this calling me a 2:26 in the morning, crack of dawning got me yawning..." [Nice lil play on Biggie...] but thats about it. Forgot about her musically until last week. On twitter stumbled upon everyone quoting her songs.. RT'n her. Basically all on her. So I rolled my eyes and downloaded the mixtape expecting to delete it after a quick run through. Shocker. I have YET to delete it. I actually love it. Its nice to hear good r&b music. for the mixtape. Its DEFINITELY worth the download.. :)

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