Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Deactivated My Facebook

I finally deactivated my facebook. I just felt like I had to censor myself TOO much. I have young girls as well as older folks on there who read into EVERYTHING I say. Can't be me without someone commenting on it. Tired of my daddy telling me that i'm stealing cars and driving off to see niggas in other cities because I post a status saying: "Got the car tonight yet nowhere to go... Hmmmm need to paint the city purple". Also, I'm thinking about weening away from my twitter as well. I mean, when you have some tranny scrolling down your timeline reading shit you wrote a month prior talking bout "you was tawkin bout meh". Bitch, if you don't sit ALL THE fuck down. *eye roll* I'm just tired of social networking. I miss blogging. I miss the intimacy of the blog. Saying what I want. Not having to see others opinions unless it's in a comment. Being free to move about the cabin of the internet. I miss the literary aspect of it. I miss it all... *sigh* I miss writing man.

but anywho, I also accidentally uploaded a pic of my ass to facebook. smh. I was looking for this other pic and forgot where I was and double clicked on the cake shot. Pathetic! This is up there with when I accidentally texted a family member about swallowing (,-_-) Bejeezus I need guidance. Lawd help the chirren & help ME!

Also, i just spent all of my free time keeping up with this guy.... smh. Watching his every move. I need to quit stalking niggas. Therefor, the facebook HAD to go. Maybe I'll bring it back... maybe.

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