Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Single.. And On the Road to Becoming Happy

Yes, I'm single. I've been single for awhile. I don't mind at all though. I'm finally about to do what single women are supposed to.. HAVE fun. I'm starting my hardcore summer diet again after memorial day.. I've somewhat been doing it but I haven't jumped in head first yet. I've lost 10lbs without noticing it. People are noticing that I'm slimming down... I really wasn't trying to lose weight. I just don't like having so much ass that I can't wear the things I want without looking like a whore.. Or that my stomach is flabby. I just want to be Healthy. I'm no longer sick.. I can smell again. I need to get back on my grind.
I move next week. I'm starting school soon. I just need to get back to the Brittney I've missed. I HAVE to be the person that I'm not right now. :) So that you'll see that Bee is awesome.

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