Saturday, May 21, 2011

Has the Queen Dethroned Herself?

Can you imagine my utter embarrassment when I FIRST heard the new Beyonce "track"?! I-- THE biggest Beyonce fan in the state of Texas. I call Bey my fuckin SISTER... & then I heard "(GIRLS) Who Run the World" or whatever... Grrr. I damn near pissed my pants. I HATE that young shit. I thought after a few listens, I'd love it. Eh, not even. *sigh* I was stanning HARD for my girl. The weeks of anticipation. I got a new summer weave. I just knew I was gonna be doing Bey choreo hard in the club... Even after seeing the video I was thinking that Bey could do a little bit MORE. I expected so much from my girl. Just knew she was gonna do it BIG for Summer 2011.. Now i'm here looking lost. Folks coming up to me asking how I feel about the new Bey & i'm just like "Trash". This supposed new sounds like some of her old shit with a different beat. Think about it. I'm all for girl power but I am a GROWN woman. I wanted to hear some grown woman music. Not some shit a junior high school student should be singing. I am NO longer a girl. *sigh* Have I musically outgrown my favorite artist??  Say it aint so! Then to add salt to my opened bey wound, Kelly Rowland has officially SLAYED Bey on the charts for the FIRST time... EVER. I like Motivation wayyyy more than Girls. I'm writing an OPEN letter to the Queen asking her to release another single ASAP.Like Yesterday. How the fuck did Beyonce dethrone her fuckin self?! SMH.

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