Friday, December 9, 2011

Natural Hair Cult?

I feel like this natural hair movement is turning into a cult 0_0. You must live by these rules set by #naturalhair God's or else you're not a true natural & are kicked out of the club. The coveted club of youtube videos & natural hair blog Heaven!
So many rules to follow. You must co-wash. How dare you use regular shampoo to cleanse your hair! All those sulfates. Uh uh girl. You aint really NATURAL unless you co-wash or use sulfate free shampoo. ONLY. Did you just use HEAT on your hair?! How dare you pick up that ceramic flat iron and destroy your curl pattern like that?! Don't even think about greasing your scalp. I know it's dry but blue magic is a no no! All of the things that worked when you were a kid, you can't do it anymore. You're natural. You must use products that the natural hair gods recommend. If we tell you that Miss Jessie's works-- fork over that $50 & buy the curling pudding dammit! And don't even think about dying your hair. That's a chemical. Natural = NO chemicals. Henna or BUST!

*slow eye roll*

And to think when I became natural I just did it because... I felt like it. Didn't know I was being inducted into an exclusive club where I must always where my hair out in it's natural state or I'm not a true natural.. Oh ok. So you want me to walk out the house with my unkempt hair? No manipulation whatsoever?! Say bye bye to alllllllll those cute styles-- no braidouts, twist outs, bantu knot outs-- no OUTS of any nature. Those manipulate your curl pattern or stretch out your hair. And you cannot wash-n-go without the appropriate gel or holding products to lock in those cute lil curls.

Some times I like to straighten my hair. I get bored. I want bangs. I get tired of having my curls. I thought versatility is what made natural hair so fun! I've recently realized that my scalp is super dry and that it actually loves blue magic hair grease!!!!! Yes!! I've spent soooo much money on all these natural oils that dont do anything to my scalp but grease?! Girl, my scalp loves it. There shouldn't be a rule book to being natural. If something works for me, it works. You don't have to use natural hair only products. Insanely overpriced. Child my bathroom cabinets and closet are full of Kinky Curly, Shea Moisture, Elasta QP, Cantu Shea Butter, Miss Jessie's--- lol. I use whatever my hair craves & that moment & keep it moving.

Natural hair community should chill out a bit. And to think I thought Beyonce Stans were brutal. They aint got jack on Natural Hair Nazis!

**Oh & I know I haven't blogged about my hair in forever! Too busy with ... LIFE! But I will add a few pics of my daily hair over the last few weeks-- and my favorite style, the PUFF. :)
Blow Out gone wrong-- so I did a "braid out" (peep the on big braid. lol)

the trusty wash-n-go for most outings... aka i didnt plan ahead. -___-

I still have my looser curls up front.

Most wash-n-go end up looking big & bushy- like this. but shrinkage is terrible.

My trusty puff with the front flat twist hair band. My fave style. Especially for work =P

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