Tuesday, September 30, 2008

vivid blandness


so yeah today is NOT a good day.
i feel BLAH. one of THOSE days.
last night i was a typical GIRL. haha.
how i hate to admit that no matter how much of a badass i think i am and how heartless i may seem, sometimes i just wanna be NEAR him, and not only him.. SOMEONE. lol

i need to mail off my absentee voter thingy. Obama-Biden 08.
i REFUSE to vote for Palin. i mean McCain.
The MAIN focus of the McCain camp at first was to prove how UNQUALIFIED Obama was for the job of commander in chief yet he chooses a woman who is more than UNQUALIFIED & INEXPERIENCED, the lady is a complete MESS. She does not know ANYTHING about foreign policy besides knowing that Alaska is only miles away from Russia and it's near Canada. She could not even name any supreme court cases in her interview with Couric besides Roe v. Wade. How are WE supposed to vote for someone whose dumb enough to choose Palin as his running mate?? And I'm smarter than Palin!!! She could have at least said Brown v Board of Education, Plessy v Ferguson, etc.. She is a cheap attempt to try to lure Hillary backers into believing that she is an equivalent to Mrs. Clinton. Please. Palin? Why? Can't wait for the Biden-Palin debate :)

moving along,
guys suck.

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