Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The FIRST African American President, The FIRST Black President.. The FIRST President who resembles ME; The 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama!
Many people doubted him, including myself. We said that America was not ready for a Black President.. We said that WHITES would not elect a black president.. We even said that Black people themselves would not even vote, let alone vote for a black man to become president. Now we see that the impossible can happen. Anything is possible. When they tell us that we can be anything, we can look at them and believe that what they are telling us is true. The DREAM has officially come full circle.

Unfortunately some caucasians or non blacks are upset right about now and are threatening to move to Canada. That's sad. It's understandable.. You would want a president who is just going to continue to downward spiral of doom that the Bush administration has put us in. This is the time where our country should come together as a whole; To finally sit back and evaluate just how rascist and prejudiced we still are as a society. The reckless accusations that he is only half white therefor should not even be considered the first BLACK president is just bull because I know, we know, and you know that Caucasians would not look at him and see a White man. He is black. Remember, this is "your" own rule.. One drop of blackness, 100% blackness. His birth certificate says African American therefor He is AFRICAN AMERICAN. Also, the upset that he is supposedly a muslim?! One, he is a christian and President Obama has said this numerous times before that he is not a muslim, but worships a Christian God. Even if he was a Muslim, why would that matter? What is wrong with you idiots today who still think that we are fighting a war against Muslims? Were you asleep these last six or seven years?? I was sure that this was a war against terrorism unless George w. Bush is just as corrupt as Saddam Hussein & Osama Bin Laden. We are not killing off Muslims. Yes, I said We, We the People of the United States~ Finally I can say that and believe that I am truly apart of the U.S.A.

President Barack Obama.
November 4, 2008 is a day that shall be remembered for years and years to come. Thank God that I'm apart of History now :)

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