Monday, April 27, 2009

Hairstory of Bee

Today I tried this carrot oil for my hair. Its an old bottle. I've had it packed in my bag since last semester-- It came in my olive oil relaxer i think (along with hair mayonnaise) So I needed something to put on my hair to keep it from drying out & lookin a fuckery of naps on my head. lol So after I co-washed my hair, i slathered some of the carrot oil "grease/hair lotion" type ish all over my hair & scalp letting it air. 6hrs later my hair still looks like it was washed 5mins ago! You know every girl wants that freshly washed curls all over but after its dried, the curls are GONE! =/ Not today. Only problem is, my hair is kinda greasy.. doesn't look it tho. & i smell the carrot oil on me lol. NO rubbing my fingers thru hair or the residue is on my hands. smh. oh yeah! If anyone has any ideas for products I should use, let me know-- my friend recommended Burt's Bees conditioner & stuff.. She's going natural too. <--- READ :)

She has a far better reason. She recently found out she has a form of alopecia thats common to black women caused from the harsh chemicals & heat we put in our hair!! She had beautiful thick long black hair & then started to bald a bit in the center of her scalp! Why?! This darn harsh chemicals our parents put on our heads when we were young! lol.

I remember having thick wavy hair that would NOT lay dwn for anything. My mother had to hold my head under running water just to part it (lol). She soon grew tired of my unruly beautiful hair so Just 4 Me came a'calling. Needless to say that very same day, I went from a big massive poofy pony, to a pathetic thin wimsy pony smh. My mother cried because she said it were her fault she ruined her baby's hair =/ (its ok, i dnt blame her!! lol) So from then on, I had my hair pressed. Throughout elementary my hair grew and grew.. By 5th grade I was dubbed the smart girl with long hair by my classmates. I never did anything with it.. Just ponytail. I hated that my hair was SO greasy.. never could hold curls.

In 6th grade I started playing softball. YOu know, became more active. My bi-monthly presses soon became a waste because after each game, my edges would be back to its natural, unstraight self. So the day before 8th grade started i BEGGED my mother to let me get my hair relaxed again. Reluctantly she said yes. I got a cute layered shoulder length bob and long side bang. I was in heaven. I played in my non-greasy bouncy flowy hair 24/7. So much my friends said i thought i was all that cuz i always talked about and played with my hair. lol I didn't care a bit!

Slowly throughout high school, I noticed that my hair texture started to change from silky to more coarse. This meant I spent more time trying to straighten & flat iron my hair. Trying different perms; buying the latest in ceramic hair irons; using hair gloss for the lack in luster my hair now had. No longer was I the girl with the long, pretty, "dood hair", I was another black girl who needed a weave =[ I prided myself on the fact that white classmates said I was different from other blacks because i wore my REAL hair, and it was always so soft and moved! Good hair MOVES (shouts 2 alicia) Now I had a weave like the rest of the ghetto girls. SMH. By the time I came to spelman my hair was soo badly damaged, it was barely past my chin. My ends were severly split. I had to cut it. So i did.. 6 months or so later I'm here.

I'm at a turning point in my life. I'm embracing my inner beauty. Accepting my so-called flaws making them the things that I like most about me. I'm not hiding behind my relaxed hair anymore.. I'm embracing my "nappy hair". NOw, I'm not saying i'm against weave. Trust, I'm getting a weave within the next 3wks. I am not saying that everyone should be natural either. My sister & mother would never go without one! Its a choice to have healthy hair. For me, a relaxer was not making my hair any better or enhancing it. It was harming it. So i let it go. Plus I want curly hair super bad.

Anywho, thats it. Next topics will probably be about healthy eating & diets. Today I had half a sub from publix :) Yay for Bee!

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damn..thanks for putting me out there like that lol.