Friday, November 13, 2009

A loserish ass ninniepoo

I hate that I have to do this but its the only way i can keep my sanity. & the last three ounces of my pride. Yes welcome to my pity party. :)

Anywho Im really upset at myself for actually thinkin that I could be with him. lol. shame on bee. I knew better. I know better.

It will be easy to get over you.. just kind of hard to get over the sex. Bc lets face it.. thats ALL we really had regardless of what you said. I mean.. I thought it was more.. but i was wrong. Boy was I wrong.

20% is what he found in me that was lacking in his relationship. I knew that. I wasn't dumb. But yeahh fell victim to the "what ifs" & "just maybes"

She's just a consolation prize Im sure (i hope =/) since i wont be near him he thinks.

oh well. Move on.

a loserish ass nigga. a loserish ass ninniepoo

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