Friday, November 13, 2009

Time to be your 21 again..

It has been quite some time since i last decided to blog my heart away... You guys KNOW I "be goin thru some thangz" lol.

Ok so lets get down to the bigger picture. What alllll you guys expect from me-- BRUTAL HONESTY. Lets start with niggas. Dumb ass niggas trying be.. the resurrection of the once defunct relationship/"thing" with 21-- who by the way is now 26... smh.

He relays a message to the informant that he has a new # & would love for me to call.. Of course I do! (what can I say... I cant help it. I get lonely sometimes =) All I say is hello and he instantly knows its ME. Hmmmmm... We chop it up & I get the infamous "Do you miss me?" question and i say yes like a dumbass. He then says he wants to see me (blah blah blah) & needs me to refresh his memory which to me means he wants to woohoo. Anywhoo, I finally grill his ass and ask him about his new relationship.. Umm ok. Lets just say that his old ass refers to his new girl as just someone who he is "talkin" to. Im like dude, you are a grown ass man- either you are together or you aint-- there is no middle ground. Its not HS where you have to lie to ur parents & say that ur not dating when u know u are! ughh. annoyance major.

I can not believe that 5/6 years have passed & he is still in the same spot. When I was 15 I thought he was the SHIT. He had a nice car. Good job. Well dressed. Hell yes he was that nigga. I was dumb & naive. Blinded by his age-- you know Jude/Alexz had that song "Time to be your 21" so i was like yeahh its our song once he turned 21..

But Im a tad bit smarter than I once was.. & I look at the shit he's saying now versus the shit he told me then. I believed it all then-- Not now. Umm I know its pretty serious with you and your new girl if you LIVE together-- she's met your kid & you've met hers. She felt the need to inform me that you two were together. Umm yeah you're not talking, you're TOGETHER. smh.

dumb ass niggas.. funny how i will always end up in these stupid ass situations. lol

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