Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Loves :)

i miss alan. i can say his name because im real like that. lol.. followers like me for my "blunt ass tweets". I can't help but to speak my mind.

And yes I miss Alan. I only saw him ONE time while visiting but it was well worth it. Everything else doesn't matter.

I really like him. I'd do alot for him-- just not ANYTHING.

Ugh if only things were different.

I really enjoyed my time with Meg & Jam.. Mainly Meg. Jam was with her boo lol.. While i was third wheeling with Meg & Demi..

We had a blast.

Thanksgiving dinner. Tequila. Margaritas.. nasty ass liquor/rum.. white wine. Bowling. Movies. Just genuine fun. Maybe i slept most of the week away but i reallly did miss my bitches. I love Megan. She's my girl for life. I'm always gonna be there for her. :)

God mother to her first born. bridesmaid. alllll of that. :)

So now taht I have to leave, its all bitter sweet.

Its good knowing that regardless if Im around the corner or across the country, we will still be "cool". Thats what you call a TRUE friend.

I may not have a LOT of those but the ones I have are pretty darn great. Im lucky. You should be jealous. :)


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